McPherson to Cat's

It's a done deal McPherson to the Cats. Will be announced next week

And you know this. . . how ?

flutiefan02 wrote: looks like the Eskimos will be signing McPherson

Well if A MAC is going to the Cats i must say…YES!!! We have our kick returner in Thigpen! We have a descent backup QB in Porter with better coaching then Bellflower, and the rights to Giguere who will finally get a chance to play in front of his family. Oh well bye bye A MAC it was fun while it lasted…

Fruitcakefan02 get a life

Yes, the same poster has such a good track record with predictions, doesn't he?

On the other hand. . .

He was wrong about McPherson signing in Edmonton. . .

He was wrong about Hamilton beating Winnipeg in the eastern final. . .

Maybe he’s a believer in “third try lucky”. . .

And all those "wrong" predictions from a troll who registered a little over a month ago. Jim dosen't bother lying, if he says he hasn't contacted any team and no team has contacted him. That's fine with me.

Well I'll be seeing Tequila Sheila Copps at the liberal convention next january 14th as newly elected delegate for my riding. she's running for party prez and will probably win. See what she thinks of her ticat team heading into 2012. I'll be seeing Doug Flutie the week after and let him know who this amazing fan of his is. :wink:

well today is the big day to see if this thread holds true. I doubt the mods will erase it if it doesn’t. :wink:

Not necessarily 234ever. . . the O.P. did say "this week", he didn't specify Monday precisely.

Guess we have to wait until the weekend. . .

But isn`t the world supposed to end on the 21st? :frowning:

Quick, someone call Harold Camping !!

According to TSN, there were no CFL transations of any note where the Als are concerned to date. That. however, could change in the coming weeks and months.

Generally speaking, during the off-season most Als moves/transactions are not announced/included in CFL or TSN transactions; there are exceptions,like signings of veterans or trades and, sometime, signings of new players,but releases of veterans are never included in CFL transactions. It has been as such for many,many years; Jim Popp decision.


darn his vagueness. :roll: to me 'next week' is already here. (from last week, ahh never mind :? )

That was so freakin' weird. I drove in from montreal may 21st and was in the New York subway train and saw the signs after the announced hour not aware of anything. I guess I saved the world or something. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, my God, you're a Liberal. Can't be, I thought all you guys were extinct. Having Tequila Sheila win the party Prez position should guarantee what is left of the Liberal party, will soon go the way of the DODO bird

Dude, I've been saying this to people since I got the spot last may. When the Libs need MY help, you can't sink any lower. That's how bad it is. You want me to say hi to doug and alexa for you? :wink: only if your statement comes true by Xmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you know “Its a done deal, will be announced this week”


so what twitter says is true, halifax IS apparently the happiest place in canada. :smiley: what am I doing here?