McPherson....tired of the Als

....Looks like McPherson wants to play for someone else where he could be a starter... according to the Mont. Gazzette....hmmmmmmm..I think the Bombers and Argos are going to be very interested....No doubt the guy is a quality qb. but how much is he worth...There will have to be a trade to accomodate Adrian....becasue he is not an fact he just signed an extension....This could get sticky..I think a lot depends on who will come up with the best offer...Als. will trade him to the highest bidder...We certainly could use a man of his talents......but what are we prepared to give-up ..... :roll: :roll: :roll:

MacPherson really has proven nothing in the CFL (mop up duty at season's end, playing in a good system with quality starters against bad teams, may have made him look better than he actually is), but he is probably better than all of your present QB's in terms of potential (the Als are a quality organization, and he wouldn't be #2 there without the coaches thinking he is talented). I also think that the Argos will probably make a trade offer for Macpherson if he indeed wants out of Montreal (Toronto and Winnipeg presently have just about the same amount of talent at QB on their current roster).

With all of that in mind, if I were the Bombers, I would offer your first round pick and a D-Line starter (I'm thinking Dorian Smith or Odell Willis). This would appeal to the Als because they may lose one or all of John Bowman, Keron Williams, and Jermaine Mcelveen (all D-Linemen) to FA. You will have to give up more than just one player for MacPherson because QB's are the most valuable asset in this league, and the Als also know that you and Toronto are desperately in need of QB talent.

I could also see the Als being intereted in Adarius Bowman, Titus Ryan or even Jabari Arthur (who is from Montreal, I believe). After all, Montreal may lose Kerry Watkins to FA.

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Two noteworthy points:

First, the Als say they have no plans to trade MacPherson, despite his trade request (which is posturing to drive up his price).

Also, MacPherson himself hopes that if Milanovich becomes the new Argo HC (very likely), he will trade for Macpherson (also very likely).

Therefore if the Bombers want this kid, they better come up with a VERY sweet offer, because the competition from Toronto in any potential trade will be huge. What better way for Milanovich to breathe life into the Argo O than with a kid at QB who he likes, trusts and already knows?

screw that Odell Willis and Dorian Smith are untouchable at this point to me if they want 1 of our starting Dlinemen take Gavin Walls.

I'd say Mcpherson for Walls, and a couple prospects.... but if we honestly look at prior trades when QB's have been dealt what really did those teams give up i can only think of the Khari deal and we really got nothing (lysack, Flemming, and someone else) none of those really were big names except Flemming but he was already old. Than you got the Kerry Joseph trade Argo's gave up peanuts to get him and at that time he was on top of his game. Kevin Glenn trade from Sask to Toronto to Winnipeg can't remember that well but i'm pretty sure there was not big names involved either so the arguement saying QB's are bigger assets and teams get more in return doesn't happen too often so I think Gavin walls a draft pick might be all that is needed to haul Mcpherson to Winnipeg

Can you name one QB who was #2 in Montreal that had any success elsewhere? There was an article in the Gazette during the 2009 season that listed all of AC's back-ups and not one of them went on to do anything after leaving Montreal.

I think Montreal would want an NI, particularly a receiver to replace Cahoon when he retires. Personally, giving up a good NI is not something I would want to do.

McPherson's okay, but nothing to really write home about.And people forget, of course he's going to have halfway decent numbers with the best OL, best WR core, best FB and a top 3 RB.I will give him credit for his running ability though, and 3rd and 1 it's pretty well guaranteed to be a 1st down with McPherson with 10+ extra yards on it.

The Argos and Bombers have no choice. Fans in those cities will not stand the status quo at QB for 2010. There needs to be someone new brought in to give these franchises and their fans hope that the offence will move the ball. And what happens if the Argos trade for MacPherson while the Bombers show no interest, and the Argos light it up with him at QB, while the Bombers struggle for first downs with Bishop or DiMichelle or Santos? It would not be pretty at your ballpark, and tickets would not be selling like hotcakes.

hey that sounds familiar… :roll:

A couple other things.

Adrian also says he is willing to stay if he’s compensated… that’s a big thing (he’s looking for money)


How well did it work for Kelly and Lefors…

IF and that’s a big if , the Als decide to trade him, Toronto has a lot more to offer the Als than Winnipeg IMO. Especialy draft picks which Jim loves to have.

Montreal was always high on Jabari but his decision to try the NFL and the foot fracture to a receiver. I don't know how much interest there is in him anymore. Had it been four years ago, definitely. The rest of your post is bang on IMO.

Knowing how the Als build their teams, Toronto's with the top pick in the draft this year and still holding most of their picks going forward is more attractive trading partner to the Als than an import defensive end or a damaged receiver.

What did the Bombers give up for Lefors ? What did Toronto give up for Joseph? Keep in mind the Als are in need of nothing really. Bowman and Williams will likely be back with Montreal.

Someone picked up on that LOL !

Id be willing to give up our second overall pick and try and land a bunch of O-lineman through free agency

how does the second overal pick and ricky santos back sound to you HfxTC?

I cant stress enough how much the bombers need to land this guy.... if we don't ill be very very frustrated... especially losing out to the argos

i'll send RALPH (starting NI WR, they'll need a WR for sure, im not high on him and i like hargreaves to get his chance :rockin: )
and STEPHENSON (NI FB, they'll gonna lose 2 FB on free agency, and were not using him anyways :lol: )
and either SMITH, HUNT or ORTIZ (they'll need a guy on DLINE)

I just don't understand why people are willing to throw a bunch of players at Montreal for an unproven QB. Yes he has potential but so do a lot of players who never play up to it. I'd rather develop the young QBs that we already have than make a play for McPherson.

Unproven ? Dpends how you see it. Is he a future MOP that is unproven but he's shown enough that knowledgeable CFL fans and staffer see he has game.

You mean the one the Riders just claimed ?

Here is my outlook on the thing...

Adrian also had something like 140 touches last year, he's not just a backup QB, in Trestman's system he get's more touches than a fullback and some kickers. That's 140 plays many of them running plays where AC didn't have to take a hit.

Than there is Chris Leak, who is much younger than AM. How close to ready is he ? Is he the future ? Adrian is kind of squeezed.

Than there is what could the Als get in exchange. I don't see any players on either roster who would be of interest at this point but 3 first round picks , this year's being the top pick is somewhat more interesting. Or if Duval was to stick down south,the number one pick plus a Justin Medlock could be interesting.

Then, there is fan reaction. I know Adrian is QB2 but he is a fan favourite.

Lastly AC is still 37 and his amazing lady only one year in to remission.

As a CFL fan I would like to see Adrian play. I think, he would make the league better. As an Als fan I would rather he stayed for two more years. If his opportunity does not come in those two years it will likely be Chris team.

You forgot to throw in one of those cool grey carts Kelly was using to haul his shiat :lol:

...You meanz that cart that was full of empties.......Look....the Als. are not going to keep McPherson....the last line in todays article says it ....He wants starting qb. money....Can the Als. pay it????.....doubt it and remain sms friendly...Popp will move him when he gets the right deal....Personally i think Jabari Arthur and a draft pic might swing it...Anymore than that and he can go to the big smoke....Besides i don't think the Bombers have exhausted every avenue as far as securing a top calibre qb. for 2010....stay tuned :wink: