McPherson, Reilly or Mitchell?

Who would you rather have the Ottawa frachise go out and get?

Adrian McPherson

Mike Reilly

Bo-Levi Mitchell


What about Kevin Glen? The Stamps will start Tate next year and Ottawa will take have to take a backup and Glen would the best of the backups.

I think he may be a great leader as well.

Kevin Glenn is also an option. But long term, no.

They need a starter from day one, not a prospect that will develop over the years. Take Glen and take one of the other guys as a backup to develop and eventually take over.
In 2002 the Renegades took Edmonton's highly regarded backup, and stuck with him for 2 disastrous seasons before a 3rd stringer, Kerry Joseph stepped up and won the job.
So take an experienced veteran to start and a young backup to develop.

Glenn and Reilly.

In 2002, Ottawa did not select any QB in the E-draft.
Heres the draft:

If Reilly signs with the Bombers this offseason, Ottawa will not be able to select Reilly in the E-draft because Winnipeg would certainly protect him.

"CFLvsNFL" said

In 2002, Ottawa did not select any QB in the E-draft. Heres the draft:
You asked - " Who would you rather have the Ottawa franchise go out and get?" not who would they select in the E-draft. The Gades went out and got the best backup available - Dan Crowley, who was Edmonton's highly touted backup. He did nothing that's why I say take an experienced CFL QB this time instead of a backup.

Sorry, wrong Topic. I have a similar one elsewhere.

I wonder if Calvillo will announce his retirement in the off season and the Als will keep McPherson.

knowing winnipeg, they'll re-sign buck pierce and reilly will remain an option for the Renegades in 2014.

Although the last couple of years I have said no question how McPherson is the “next one” and should have been signed by our Argos as a FA, it would appear his inactivity for the many years has actually worked against him.
In fact, in the last game of the year when he started the play may have regressed.
I would therefore go after Reilly.

I will have to say Reilly has played better then McPherson in 2012. But you can also say Reilly was on a better team. He is the same QB as Lulay so the offence fit him. Unlike AC's offence in Montreal for McPherson to run. McPherson played better in 2011. So it honestly does not matter. I like both guys. But its risky. We know McPherson has experience. Reilly could buckle under the pressure. Or be amazing.... So again, it doesnt matter. lol. But i am saying McPherson. I think his rushing ability mixed in with his talent is what the CFL is all about. As for Ottawa, i think Bo-Levi Mitchell mixed in with Kevin Glenn would be great. Reilly in Winnipeg and McPherson in Edmonton. :thup:

I suspect even if he doesn't retire, the Als will keep McPherson. I don't think Ottawa would take Calvillo even if he were left unprotected in an expansion draft, because he would retire if selected. As such the asset to protect would be McPherson. Unless the Als have another QB up their sleeves, of course.

There really wasn't much available in that draft in terms of QB's, so not taking one shouldn't have been a surprise. Which is why Hunt was fairly insistent that a better system be put in place for this draft. Hopefully there will be a couple of decent QB's exposed for Ottawa to select.

A QB should be their first priority and they will probably do that through the "free agency" route. If they can go out and get a Glen or Lulay or Burris or Tate, then go for it.

Glenn will be 35 in two years. Unlike other elders in the CFL like Burris and Calivillo have had careers where they were considered elite and still are. Ricky Ray aout Glenns age the same.
Glenn was an avg non consistant QB during his career, Not sure that would be a QB that they would waste a E pick on. If a free agent you may bring him on board for a back up role but as a starter not going to happen. The reason why the E Draft for Ottawa this time includes #2 QBs is so that they can get a younger starter. Whether it be a Reilly who cut his teeth working his way up to a starter in the CFL, or a freak like Mitchell who is on a fasttrack, or a Drew Willy who has had 4 years of pro experience before this season and will have two as the top Back up in SASK. In two years an Alex Brink may be considered an experienced back up

I do not think that McPherson will be available as I still beleive he will be in Edmonton. Reilly may also alrady be taken and preping or already being the starter in Montreal or Hamilton. leaves only mitchell among the top three and Calgary will do thier best to try to avoid it but they will be caught with no choice as Tate is still young and will have to be protected or they will lose him.

Right now, i think Adrian McPherson is the best QB out of the three. Right behind him is Reilly. But in 3 years i think Bo-Levi Mitchell will be better then all of them. Bo-Levi Mitchell, should be picked up by Ottawa Dec 12th 2013.