McPherson Lighting Up Arena League

I kind of feel the same way cflisthebest does, but from a different view; those numbers stick out, but are they really outstanding for AFL number?

I tried to have a look at the statistical leaders but the chart on the AFL website didn't seem to be up to date. They only showed 2 passing TD's for him, which must have been the previous week's total. Mind you, he ran for five scores which, in Arenaball, strikes me as even more impressive.

My guess is Ricky Ray will be in Ottawa next year.

If he was say 2 years older I would totally agree. That said, I still wouldn't be shocked.

you believe Ray will be traded or released by the Argos?

If he is thinking what I was…left unprotected in the expansion draft. see, the thing is if you lose a QB in the expansion draft you get to protect a couple extra NI…so it is not a horrid move…losing a QB you are willing to part with in the draft can really work to your benefit. He will be I think 34 or 35 for 2014, so it is getting darned close to a viable option. Thing is, I can see Ray playing to 40, and TO has a whole pile of unproven youth backing up Ray…tough call, unless they have a ploy to get someone experienced somehow.

Very unlikely he will be left unprotected he just mastered the offense right before the playoffs last year. Imigine they are looking at a 5 year window with Ray being an elite CFL QB. With the Cap most likely getting some kind of signifigant bump in 2014 They would be able to give Ray a cool 500K whithout having to cut corners elsewhere

I don't see it at all especially since he had such a awesome come back year with us.

Well if you are baiting us, I'll bite!

I don't know Winnipeg's history beyond perhaps almost the last four years as a fan of the CFL, but I'm thankful that it has to be far from the first time and even farther from the last time as far as Winnipeg missing the boat.

Walk the plank too whilst they are it though of course I don't want to see Buck Pierce get hurt again.

Count me aboard though it would only take one smart team after one key injury this season to unload more to pick up McPherson in order to beat Ottawa to it for next season.

I agree McPherson will go for the a starting job and a big payout if it should come. A career ending injury to Henry Burris could do it or a complete disaster in Winnipeg where the star studded skill players with Simpson at RB Edwards, Matthews and Watson at Reciever. A return of Andre Douglas to LT along with All star January at RT and some much improved young interior Lineman The protection and fireworks are there yet the Bombers and many Bomber fans are just totally against this.
With the other QB' being pierce, Brink, Goltz, Clement and max Hall. Aside from Pierce Mcpherson has more CFL games than the other QBs all together he was just stuck behind AC.

Why single out Burris.

Calgary is really the only club that presently has a proven backup.

Just the age of Burris an injury could mean the end of his career where as other teams have younger starters and back ups in place. Nothing against Hank I still think he is an elite QB and I really like Masoli.
Just chatting up possible teams that McPherson could become a regular starter

I think that Tampa Bay storm knows there is a possibility that McPherson could return to the CFL this season if the situation is right so they also acquired Shane Boyd, who as I said could also be a player that a CFL team should take a look at. If you are in the Arena League and have exhausted NFL options it usually means that you are looking to the CFL and would come in seeing as a good career move opposed to a demotion. This is what usually is the difference between a import QB who does well in the CFL and one who bombs out

Buck Pierce, while a good QB, has been notoriously injury plagued throughout his career and is only 32 years of age, while Tate, after being handed the starters position, has endured elongated absences ever since and is merely 28 years old currently.

and don’t forget, AC is over 3 years older than Burris and even more susceptible to injury if age is accounted.

Age does not seem to be much of a factor as much as conditioning, playing style, genetics and/or instincts.

case in point, Burris has been relatively injury free throughout much of his lengthy career. (1998-present)

McPherson was named offensive player of the Arena F L as he passed 367 yds in a high scoring 69 to 47 defeat of Cleveland. To date he is excelling in a full time role with TB.

Week 3 McPherson is beginning to dominate and doing a lot with his arm as well as his legs.
Passing 294 yards 5 TDs
Rushing 41 yards 3 TDs

McPherson making players around him better as Receiver Joe Hills had 250 plus yards rec and the 5 TDS.
Any CFL team showing interest in McPherson may have also discovered a receiver in Hills and the chemistry he and McPherson have.

At this point Adrian would do well to take his time before accepting an opportunity. No point in him taking a chance if a team is not committed. Might be better off finishing his season in the Arena league and then coming up to Ottawa to talk with MD and showing he is ready to do what he needs to do to be a starter in the CFL.

I agree. I would imagine that his plans were to come to the Arena Football League for a full season and do exactly what he is doing and playing fantastic. For whatever reason teams did not think that he could still play at a high level so going to the Arena. Enter the 2014 season as a free agent and see what teams will give him a chance at a starting job. He has been paid very well as a back up in Montreal the last two years as for the reason he re signed with Montreal but now it is time for him to get a look at a starting job.

I’d take McPherson over all three of those backups in Winnipeg plus the starter.

If they don’t get it in Winnipeg, so be it I am not going to argue with them as they continue to play musical hospital beds with their QBs.

Amen to that. I given up on trying to figure out what there plan is.