Mcpherson, Green out; Leak, Hawkins in for Friday

Should be a very interesting game. I am morbidly curious to see Leak in short-yardage situations. Mcpherson had established himself as the king of the QB sneak. Leak just needs to move the chains.

I'm sad to see Green out of the lineup. He is quietly rounding into a nice big threat down the seams in goal-line situations. Have never seen Hawkins play so I don't know how his skill set matches up.

Why would they take Mcpherson out? Just to give Leak some time?

Nah, Herb is reporting that Mcpherson injured his shoulder (hopefully not his throwing shoulder) on that 34-yard QB sneak last week.

Well its a bye week next week, I hope he is not out too long

If McPherson doesn't dress, and Leak moves up to #2, does that mean Santos comes off the PR onto the active roster as #3?

I doubt Leak would move up to Number 2 for 1 game

Herb has Chris Nickson (who the hell is he, anyway?) as the third-stringer and Leak at #2.

Santos IIRC is on the 9-game IR (hiding cap space) so he won't come off barring a catastrophic emergency (like Calvillo, Leak, and Mcpherson all being injured at the same time).

FYI, Green is out because of a rib injury.

Nickson was signed as a receiver, but he was a quarterback in college. I guess they didn't activate Santos because he's nine-game injury list. Gotta love the numbers game.

Interesting. The knock on Leak in college was that he didn't like contact. Look forward to seeing how he handles himself.

Well if Leak doesn't like contact, he'd best beware of Steve Baggs on that Riders' D=line (sorry,I have great difficulty in calling a 6 foot one inch, 241 pound defensive end "Stevie". . . )

Well, he won't see Baggs unless it's in a QB sneak, where contact is unavoidable, so if he's gun-shy, he'd best get over it so he can be effective in those short-yardage situations. I don't expect him to pick up 15+ yards on QB sneaks like McPherson, but I do expect him to move the chains.