Mcpherson extends contract through 2012

very good news!

It sure is good news. I like what he said:

“I want to be a great quarterback in this league and I want to be a part of a great organization. I feel this is the best opportunity for me. I'm very happy to extend my stay in Montreal,?

Sure doesn't sound like he's unhappy at all with his situation in Montreal, as some nabobs of negativity would have it. Argo fans who were thinking they would get him in free agency can go look elsewhere !!

I'm still thinking that, if we happen to three-peat in November, AC will hang 'em up after that and McPherson is our starter in 2012.

Great news! Very reassuring to have Adrian in the fold for at least two more seasons. I, like MJ, am hoping for the passing of the torch within the next two years.

Tells us two things both he and the team think he will take over from Anthony at some point. And the best news of all is that we dont have to read Senior's lamenting about the next big thing being wasted by the Als :thup: :thup: :thup:

And that was exactly my 1st thought when I heard the I went ok so he's gonna be FA in Feb 2013 instead of Feb 2012.

Smart decision by Adrian, too. Sure, he could try his luck elsewhere, but spending three years in Trestman's system and seeing the success it brings must have taught him the value of patience and waiting for your opportunity. He has a baby girl now, too, so family and stability probably come before the absolute top dollar and ego. :thup:

Je crois que notre ami Senior a débouché deux bouteilles de Champagne!

Très bonne nouvelle pour l’équipe concernant McPherson. Pour ce qui est de Green, c’est à lui de nous le prouver.

I just wish little AC felt the same way! I still hope to see him back in the fold some day; that is, if he's still healthy and can still do what he has done for us in the past.

How Cahoon and Cobourne are replaced will be critical to the Als ball control offense. Those two guys were AC's outlet when things got tight. Gonna be really interesting to see how the team deals with these two losses.

Great news! I expect Calvillo to continue to be the QB of choice until he decides otherwise. He has been most effective in our recent Grey Cup wins. Rick Santos will be third string unless one of the incoming QBs stands out in the upcoming training camp. The interesting question has to be- which QB will will be protected in the upcoming Ottawa draft? Depending on his health, Calvillo could very well be a prime QB for the next couple of years. Should AC lead the team to a third Grey Cup he would earn the right to attempt yet another GC. I don't know of other number twos in the league who have the competence to step into the starting role with Ottawa. 2011 will be the final year that these two QB will play for the Als. Will McPherson play enough this year to acquire more experience? Your guess is as good as mine!

Lovely sentiment...
Especially when followed by the contradictory:

Those two guys were AC's outlet when things got tight. Gonna be really interesting to see how the team deals with these two losses.
A dizzying display of logic... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Anyway...great news about McPherson
Plenty of time to transition
Sighs of relief all around

Now all we need is a tailback/QB protector
Kick returner
And punter/kicker
And we'll be all set for #3

If teams really can only protect one qb in the Ottawa draft....I'd expect McPherson and/or Drew Tate would be the leading candidates. Obviously a lot depends on Calvillo and how he fares this year health-wise etc. I don't expect Henry Burris is going anywhere either so...
One way or another it looks like McPherson will be a starting qb in 2012...
Hopefully not for our greatest rival: The Ottawa Roughriders

They haven't even begun construction in Ottawa, I don't expect Ottawa to field a team for at least another 3 years. AC will have retired by then.

Tate, yes; McPherson I don't think so.

I expect the Als will protect McPherson and leave AC unprotected when the draft happens. AC, if he doesn't retire, wouldn't be attractive to an expansion team I suspect. . . whereas they'd snap up McPherson so fast it'd make our heads spin. My guess is that, given that AC has stated that he wants to stay with the Als in some capacity after he retires, he'd likely retire if Ottawa drafted him because I doubt he'd want to finish his playing career with an expansion team. Ottawa I doubt would bother to draft him because they would suspect he'd retire rather than report, and even if he did report they'd only get a year or so out of him so going forward it isn't a bright move for them to make in terms of building their team. So I really think we'll protect McPherson and leave AC exposed and Ottawa will not draft him.

Now Calgary may even be thinking along the same lines for all we know. Assuming they see Tate as their future, and given Smilin' Hank's age, they may decide to protect their future in Tate and leave Burris unprotected.

Perusing the Ottawa "R....s" forum it's pretty obvious most are looking at fielding a team for the 2013 season.
Maybe even 2014.
That makes any discussion about protecting quarterbacks pretty moot
A lot can happen in 2 years of pro ball.

Coincides exactly with the end of McPherson's contract
So by the time the Ottawa draft happens, our QOTF issues will be sorted out
And the Als will be looking to 5-peat :wink:
And beat down yet another Roughrider team

Sur ce point, je crois que nous avons davantage besoin de schémas de blocage que d'un retourneur. Si les schémas font que les adversaires ne sont pas sur le retourneur de bottés avant même qu'il n'attrape le ballon, on aura des gains significatifs de ce côté, même avec Maypray.

This "chicken or egg" discussion has been going on for some time.

The only way for it to be definitively resolved would have been to have a known element (Larry Taylor for instance) returning kicks, and if he failed as miserably as Maypray did last season....then the obvious culprits would be zeroed: the blocking schemes and the coaching that's responsible for them.

If anyone has a bent for the conspiratorial....sounds like an interesting added reason for Taylor's mysterious banishment. In any event...last year's stats are clear : the Alouettes return game....most especially the punt-return game was horrendous. And considering the erratic nature of coverage and kicking in 2010...there are obviously some serious questions to be raised on special teams.

As far as Maypray himself is concerned...he has neither the vision, acceleration nor toughness to be an adequate punt returner in this league...blocking or no blocking. Along with the loss of Avon Cobourne as pass blocker/run enthusiast...this kick return situation becomes another unpatched hole in the Alouettes machine. It remains to be seen how many of these unattended mechanical failures will result in a final breakdown...

At least the defense is looking stronger every day....Kitwana Jones fits perfectly in the Alouettes defensive scheme IMO...adding to both the pass rush and an already excellent linebacking corps. Great news!