Mcpherson a Stampeder?

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Am I the only one thinking this a little bizarre?

Mcpherson waited forever behind Calvillo in Mtl. Can he unseat Mitchell or Tate for the top spot? I for one do not think he will be happy as a backup again. I also find it hard to believe that Huff wouldn't have faith in one of his quarterbacks to step up to the top spot.

Either way I see someone extremely unhappy in Calgary if they do indeed sign Mcpherson.

Thoughts anyone?

What I don't get is how the heck Calgary is keeping their cap under wraps in the next few years with three starter quality QBs and Jon Cornish.

Can't really see it happening. Tate is talented if inconsistent and injury prone, and Mitchell is the heir apparent who could step into the starter's role at any time. Don't think the Stamps will even consider McPherson.

Where is Winnipeg? Scooped on Setta, Medlock and McPherson?

I don't see McPherson returning to the CFL unless he's guaranteed a starter's role. And I don't think that will happen. Montreal has Smith, Ottawa has Glenn. Possibly in Winnipeg but they will likely have Collaros. Who's left?

And he's just had back surgery.

What if Calgary is going with Mitchell with McPherson as his backup and trading Tate away ( Winnipeg) ?

Huff loves the 3 QB system. can’t blame him, as he has had tremendous success with it.

and it is official:

surprising move, but a pretty smart one really. What is more shocking is that it took a club this long to sign him. I don’t see him as a top end QB, but he will definitely push the guys around him.

Because Tate, presumably their top paid QB, is getting 200k, and up to 300 with incentives. I can only assume he is pretty much at 200 for last season. The other QBs would be an average of under half of that, and Glenn was likely the highest paid "backup" in the there is money available. Also, in the next few years, it is likely a minimum of 1 of these QBs will not be a Stamp.

As I said I don't see McPherson coming back unless he's guaranteed a starting role. And I don't think Mitchell is quite ready to start yet despite the flashes of brilliance he's shown. Most likely this is the result of some reporter trying to drum up interest on a slow day.

Absolutely brilliant move by Hufnagel.Whether depth or trade value within his QB ranks.. He's now in a league of his own in the CFL. Unreal coup.

Is this a done deal or still just a rumour?

The Stamps nor CFL have not actually released anything, so it is not actually official...this is most likely an indication of either final signatures, league stamp, or filing by the CFLPA...but it is done, otherwise someone would have stepped up and said something to ease the rumors.

What Cap? Since there is no meaningful penalties for exceding the SMS, what does it matter. Saskatchewan has demonstrated that the Cap is a joke.

So why does everyone assume that he's made the team ? Do they give these guys a guarantee of being a starter when they sign them? Won't he have to compete at the training camp? If he looks better than the others at camp he makes the team and is the starter, if he looks like he's lost it and his injury bothers him he's gone.

Good you heard the news. I have been trying to find somewhere where they announced that the Riders were over. Please let us know. How much were they over?

WEll it's official today. CFLSteve must be happy.

Can Senior Ah Me be far behind?

Its a crime Senior has been banned by the Montreal forum mafia.

This is really suprising to me. I thought the Stamps were confident with Tate and Mitchell. And I didn't think McPherson would return to the CFL to be a backup.