McPhearson signs with Calgary :cowboy:

....because you can never have too much depth at QB. Seriously, Calgary has three potential starting QBs AGAIN! Winnipeg are you watching this, because you need to trade for one of them.

Wow, that's an excellent signing there in Stampeder land.

I just don't get Winnipeg at all.
The Stamps had 3 bonafide starters in Glenn, Tate and Mitchell during the 2013 season, then lose Glenn in the expansion draft and quickly sign yet another potential starter, while Winnipeg sits on their hands without even one capable pivot to lead the team.

This is why the Stamps are perennial competitors and Huff as highly regarded.

But there are different ways "to win". Winnipeg is undergoing some transitions as we know. Yes, they should be cellar dwellers again in 2014 but you never know. You get a great defense I say you can win the Grey Cup with that with a mediocre qb and average offense. I'm a coach in the CFL, I build around defence.

I don't necessarily blame the Bombers. Maybe the player wasn't interested in going to Winnipeg. IN Calgary, with Glenn's exit, there is a chance to start or at least play with some regularity for a perennial contender. Nicer city too...

I am thinking Winnipeg may have a bonafide starter come Feb 15th , his name may be Henry Burris ---I have this gut feeling he is not coming back to Hamilton.........I am thinking Austin is going in a new direction .
Pure speculation on my part of course.

No way Austin leaves this team without a "bonafide" starter, Burris will be back in Steeltown, there is not a QB ready in our system to replace him yet

I disagree, mediocre doesn't cut it anymore unless you have an epic Running Back the likes of Corey Boyd in Toronto, Jon Cornish now or Fred Reid back before Fred Reid got injured and a solid O.Line which Winnipeg doesn't have. They also have three incredibly green QBs who haven't started for a full season in this league, and has no veteran presence to help them develop, which is not only a situation that screams mediocre, but perpetually mediocre.

There is no offense is so poor, and no defense so good in this league that you can expect to win without putting at least 27+ points on the board per game, if only evidenced by Winnipeg's 20 points per game average, yet leading the league in sacks and various other defensive catagories.

I don’t see Burris going to Winnipeg at all. I think he understands he’s near the end of his career and he’s only got another 4 years, tops. There aren’t a lot of QBs who can play the game after 40 at a high level and I don’t see him going to Winnipeg unless the Ti-Cats offer him chump change or Winnipeg spends the boat so he can have a healthy retirement and ends up with cap issues as a result. He clearly wants to start, which basically means no other team save Edmonton or Winnipeg is even in the running since I don’t see them forgoing their starter for Burris.

So his options are stay with Hamilton who just made it to the Grey Cup, will have an expansion team in their division next year (sorry Ottawa you are the weakest link in the east until proven otherwise), has the lowest amount of free agents on the market (so you are going to be playing with most of the guys you are used to), a completely intact coaching staff from last year, and who many agree is a team on the rise, or move to one of the two the worst teams in the league, that have new head coaches and have been plagued by management issues.

Unless Austin tries to rip Hank off, or offends him in some regard, I just don’t see it.

Can they pay him ? Signing Medlock for probably close to 200k suggest that Burris could get a better offer elsewhere. If I am Winnipeg. I would be very interested in Burris. Also considering is still unsigned after the expansion draft suggests he is likely heading to free agency for a a look and see.

I don't think we would have spent 200K on Medlock. Sure he's a great kicker, but he's still a kicker and when you have a great punter in Josh Bartel and a decent kicker in Luca Congi, you aren't going to spend the bank on a kicker to marginally upgrade the posistion. He also didn't impress down south, this strikes me as a more "Come to camp and compete" signing.

Well that's what Barker said Medlock wanted. He may have lowered his demands but he's not cheap.

Quality kicking is worth the investment. Cross your fingers and hope for the best you get Luca Congi or Sean Whyte .

Absolutely worth the investment. Whyte will be probably be a Lion and Congi or Rugland with Dales is fine by me.

What does Medlock have to do with McPhearson signing in Calgary??

Six degrees of seperation

  1. Calgary signed yet another starter quality QB in Adrian McPherson
  2. Which brings up the fact Winnipeg has no good starting QB despite Calgary having three
  3. Which fuels speculation Free Agent Henry Burris might go to Winnipeg since they need a vet QB
  4. Which brings up where Burris would want to stay, with wages factoring into the discussion
  5. That then asks the question who can pay Burris better Winnipeg or Hamilton
  6. Which is fueled by Hamilton having just signed Justin Medlock of potentially a large sum

A stretch.....

but Touche


I could have probably gotten it down to five with the Burris wage thing.

:thup: :thup:

Hamilton has way more talent than Winnipeg to pay to begin with Medlock is somewhat alleviated by Hage getting picked up by Ottawa but it is reasonable to think that Winnipeg is more desperate to sign Burris than Hamilton is. :thup: