McMaster vs Laval - The Vanier Cup

So we are down to two for the Vanier, so were are you loyalties lying? Who are you cheering for in the CIS Football Championship?

Cheering for Mac but my brain say that Laval will win in a close game.


Then again, Queen's beat Laval in the VC two years ago, so there's hope.

Probably not the right forum, but i didnt want to start a new one.

As a proud albertan and a long time UofC fan, i am tired of being the bridesmade to Lavel. Our recruiting is usually pretty good, and we had a good season, but we got killed. I dont like either team. I find the MCMaster qb to be pretty cocky (but he is good), but lavel keeps beating the crap out of us. i dont know what to think just yet. I think i will go McMaster.

Queen's beat Laval in the Mitchell Bowl; Laval has a 6-0 record in Vanier Cups. They have to lose eventually, though, right?

Whoops. That's right. It was Queen's and Calgary in the VC. Point is, though, that Queen's beat Laval in a playoff game, so they're not invincible.

Laval wins.

I hope McMaster wins, I'm tired of seeing Laval make it every year (or so it seems).

McMaster leads 23-0 at the start of the 3rd Quarter... :cowboy:

My earlier "SMUG" face is slippin... :oops: 24-23 Laval in the 4th.

Congrats McMaster ....2011 Vanier Cup Champs

Yo ...cflisbest ... what's that you said ? Back of the bus, waldo.