McMaster Stadium Issue Presentation - fyi

The Faculty of Social Sciences and the Chair in Research on Urban Neighbourhoods, Community Health and Housing (CRUNCH) are pleased to present:

"Amenities, Design and Development: When Having a Team and a New Stadium Matters... And Why"

Dr. Mark Rosentraub
Bickner Endowed Chair and Professor of Sport Management
University of Michigan

Thursday October 28, 2010, 7 p.m.
McMaster University, Health Sciences Centre Room 1A6

Public lecture--all are welcome!

Parking is available underground at McMaster Hospital
Trip planning assistance for HSR is available at (905) 527-4441 and
for GO Transit at 1-888-438-6646
Seating is Limited


The PanAm stadium issue has stimulated a level of civic engagement virtually unprecedented in recent Hamilton history. What does the research say about what makes a successful stadium and how it can best contribute to the community?

Dr. Rosentraub is the Bickner Endowed Chair and Professor of Sport Management at the University of Michigan. His most recent publications have each focused on strategies for cities and regions to use sports facilities and teams, entertainment complexes, and cultural centers to enhance urban design and attract and retain the human capital needed for real economic development in cities. His research also explores ways to fashion financing programs for facilities that protect and advance the public's interests. Dr. Rosentraub’s current research focuses on the ways in which the world’s largest sports and entertainment organizations and teams can successfully work with the public sector to positively impact regional economic development and urban planning and design while achieving their revenue goals.

By any chance are you going? Obviously, I can't, since I'm in Kingston, but it'd be interesting to hear what he has to say.

I may go PiCat, not sure although no one has to convince me that the TigerCats and a stadium that the local region can be proud of is very worthwhile, if done correctly and with government, civic and business engagement.