mcmaster parking

what is the price to park down near the stadium at mac u

I think it's around $5
When I went last week I parked in Westdale and walked over to Mac.

$20 in the lot across from the stadium. $5 for the first hour to a max of $20. I was there for about 4 hours.

Uh, oh. A parking thread. Everybody DUCK!

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$20 to park??? ouch
I'm glad we walked there!!

where is the free parking ? westdale where is that cause im not familar with the area

Shouldn't the next guy get the prize?

Park in Dundas or Downtown and Catch the bus to mac.

Thats it, im buying a helicopter and landing it in the endzone, then the defence will have something to jump into when they run it back to the house!!! :rockin:
Go Cats Go

Man I posted another mac parking thread to be 1,000,000 and claim the prize but some sorehead deleted it rather than moving it here??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

We parked a few blocks away near Longwood and walked to Mac.

I went to Tuesday morning's practice and parked right next to the stadium for 3 hours.....$6.00!

I thought that was quite good.

Pratice will be back at Ivor Wynne on Wensday 23rd. :rockin:

Free parking on site?


Just park on a side street, man seems like everyone is worried aout parking these days. lol
North Gate is usally open and last year pactice started around 1030-11am-2pm
Im sure it will be posted soon!