McMaster Marauders

So we have one Hamilton team that hasn't scored a touchdown in god-knows how many quarters, and another that obliterates an opposing team 60-9. Are we coming out to support the wrong football team? In my opinion, if we want to see exciting, entertaining football then we need to start going to see university football of all things! I wonder if the Cats could even beat the Marauders??

maybe noy beat the tiCatsssss caue thier pro, but theyed kick notre damne hic ball over the field :wink:

huh?? :?

Hear me now ... listen to me later ...

IF he wants to ... the current HC of McMaster WILL get a shot at COACHING in the CFL.

He is a WINNER ... everywhere he goes.


The Marauders have 178 PF in 2 games with only 16 PA. Pretty impressive, but it doesn’t make for entertaining football. I was there, I was bored by the 2nd quarter. Nobody else is even competitive.

Ottawa will give them a good test this week and then Windsor the following week .

33 + 60 = 178?
16 + 9 = 16?

Is this the new math?

double huh ?? :? :?

re-double huh ?? Confused Confused---------- im saying bring on the ncaa

Great... more American't ball.

I %100 percent agree that The Mac Football team gave a very entertaining game last saturday!They gave more touchdowns in one game that the Tigercats could muster in half of a cfl season!But Yes This is University not Cfl!But for 30 dollars a season who could complain eh!

Hello the total offensence is determined by total yards not by the score Jerkfaceloser

where I can buy Mac tickets?

The original poster said 178 PF (point for) and 16 PA (points against). Nobody said anything about total offence. Besides, their total offence is probably closer to 1000 yards.

Through the ticats!

huh???? you made more sense on your first post. the ncaa would probably hit triple digits with mac and thats a fact. jack...(sorry couldnt resist. ha)

onknight you can buy mac tikets at the staduiem box office i believe on game days

Thank you for correcting me, I was confused because my welcome week rep had told me the first game had gone into the 100s in scoring.

Thank you for the correction.

Was he wearing a red jumpsuit and smelling of vodka? That could be the problem right there.

Haha, no -- I'm not an engineer.