McMaster has the most grads in the CFL

Interesting stats here:

McMaster 11
Simon Fraser 9
Saskatchewan 9
Manitoba 8
Western 8
Laval 7
Wilfrid Laurier 7
Regina 5
Alberta 5
Ottawa 5
Queen's 4
Windsor 4


Top American school representation in the CFL (Canadians and Americans):

Kentucky 6
Virginia Tech 5
Minnesota 5
Oregon 5
Connecticut 5
Mississippi State 4
Sacramento State 4
Utah State 4
Eastern Wash. 4
Alabama 4
Brigham Young 4


Source: Globe & Mail

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I remeber when that was Simon Fraser all the way, for years it used to be them. That is intresting and thank you for posting that.

Whoo! Western has 8! :smiley:

No prob cane. Ok, I live in Hamilton and proud of McMaster (actually from London though and prouder of Western to be honest). But I dont’ think it means all that much if one school has a couple more than another. I think a more telling sign would be if no one from a particular school had anyone in the CFL for say a 5-10 year period, I think more an indication the school doesn’t have the best program/coaching.

I remember years in the 80s where the CFL had maybe 1 or 2 Mac grads. 11? That's cool!

(Former Mac student...not a Mac grad :oops:)

Why didn't you graduate Dave?

Alright.. FOUR whole U of W Lancers!

I'd like to see the numbers throughout history.

Well considering half the bloody Tiger-Cat team has been from Mcmaster it is quite believable and im surprised it isnt more than that.

I thought U of T would top the list :slight_smile:

Lumsden, Mariuz, Botterill... that's it!