McManus to get MOST of OC duties

Obie Ties Can to head Coach

In this article, Ken Peters writes, "...Danny McManus will be given a bigger role, picking up most of the offensive co-ordinator duties..."


I hadn't heard that word in the media conference. Did Marcel use that word one on one with Ken?

Lumsden is not the team’s best player Kenny.

I think he is.

Who do you think is?

No. That was Moreno.

No it is Lumsden but this coaching staff have not given him a chance to prove he is the best.

Danny Mac has the potential to bring the most out of the players he has, especially Printers. I'm not saying they are going to be a completely different team Saturday, I'll be looking small improvements in play calling and execution. I'm hoping DMac will try to take advantage of some of our most talented players on a more regular basis with a little more creativity.

....soooo, the big 'mistake' of Greg Marshall was that he wasn't experienced enough -- and we're handing the offensive reigns to Danny Mac.


Injuries and the poor play calling have not given him a chance to prove he is the best.


So for Kenny To state that Jesse is the best player is an insult to guys that are playing equally if not better Ie. Caulley, Chris Thompson,

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....soooo, the big 'mistake' of Greg Marshall was that he wasn't experienced enough -- and we're handing the offensive reigns to Danny Mac.


ummmmm..... how about that dmac was a qb and a really good one at that and greg was a rookie head coach 2 different things excited for this i think its a good thing !!!!!

i hope dmac does well but i am very skeptical, he was a great qb mind you, but what coaching experience does he have?

i don't see how he is going to dramatically change things around here as the playbook isn't going to change, maybe some of the play calling will

who knows, i'm fed up with everything right now!

well its now time to see if dmac is the miracle worker many claim to think he is i for one will take a wait and see approach. all the best to him he is in a really tough spot on this one and not exactly the best place to be starting your coaching career. here is to the sucess of danny mac lets hope you can work miracles mang

Greg had a whack of actual coaching experience though -- albeit at the CIS level. DMac has had zip.

There are plenty of great players who don't succeed as coaches. Matt Dunigan was a pretty handy player, too. And how many playoff games have the Phoenix Coyotes played recently?

I don't doubt that Danny can't help -- I just worry that too much too soon will have him bailing out once people start getting on his case.

So now we have an inexperienced offensive coordinator and an inexperienced head coach. Yeah we're moving in the right direction.

i'm surprised, actually no, i'm not that mostly everyone on here can't remember the last 8 years of the hall-of -fame quarterback's career where he basically was the friggin' OC. stop pretending to know everything, its getting quite ridiculous. from"i think i know what's wrong with casey, he should hold the ball differently" to "dmac is not qualified..."
alot of you are in way over your head with some of the comments you can't substantiate.

we got another guy who needs to hurry up and eat to get to practice so he can come home and say that hiring marcel was a mistake cuz he was yelling at guys. its all just nonsense.

DMAC is almost overqualified-he called the shots offensively when the tiger-cats were killing teams 55-11 and 48-0. remember those years when you were proud to be a tiger-cat fan? part of the thanks goes to your new OC, danny mcmanus.

then again maybe some of you are not qualified to comment on actual football issues.


Good post citylegend.
And for those who say Danny can't work miracles - no one expects any miracles from him. I, for one, hope to see steps in the right direction. Get the ball to our best guys more often. Get the ball away faster with some hot routes. Be a little more creative.
It ticks me off when people here misrepresent what is being said and try to make a poster look stupid by accusing that person of saying things they never said. NO ONE IS TALKING MIRACLES HERE we are talking progression and there is no reason DMac can't do that.

What? If I've paid for a seat at the stadium I'm as qualified as I need to be.

Get off your high horse -- you can't deny that questioning the guy's real offensive coordinating experience isn't valid.

We've gone through issues of (real or perceived) inexperience for 5 years now. And you're gonna say that in this situation it's not warranted?

I don't care if the guy threw for 500 yards against an army of Roman gladiators. The guy hasn't coached.

dear slodrive 2, this is exactly what i'm talking about. just because i have season tix to any given team and my knowledge level of that particular sport is suspect at best in comparison to the people running said franchise doesn't automatically make me qualified to judge on something i had very little knowledge of to begin with. please substitue the "I"
with "slodrive2" in the previous statement.
i guess that's the beauty of this forum, it gives people-qualified or not- the chance to put themselves on the same level and in a position to hide behind this forum and their own keyboards to say something- i guaran-damn-tee, they would not say to the person they're talking about.this guy's been devising game plans to beat teams on a weekly basis before you knew
why they give up a single point on a missed field goal.
danny mc manus is a hall-of fame quarterback and bright football mind who is partly responsible for the last time you felt a sense of tiger-cat pride so
to minimize his ability to formulate a gameplan to exploit defenses is completely disrespectful to the man. maybe you should not comment on anything that you are completely out of your element on and stick to posts on things you can be insightful on.

city legend

I’m afraid, citylegend, that while there may be some truth to your posts (personally, I find them insightful), your comments smack of elitism. If people want to rant (and they are perfectly in their rights to do that), you should let them.