McManus' record may survive!

Danny McManus holds the CFL record with 8 consecutive seasons above 4,000 yards passing - 1995-2002. I've always thought that was an amazing stat. He did it once more in 2004.

Henry Burris currently has 7 consecutive seasons above 4,000 yards: 2004-2010. In 2011, he has 3,687 yards with two games left - but Drew Tate is now the starter! Sorry Henry.

Other notables, which illustrate just how hard it is to achieve this record:

  • Peyton Manning holds the NFL record at 6 seasons - 1999-2004. He also has a 5-year streak going, 2006-2010.
  • Anthony Calvillo has surpassed 4,000 yards 10 times, including 2011. In fact, he has surpassed 5,000 yards 6 times, including one season above 6,000 yards. But he has never had more than 5 consecutive seasons above 4,000. (Largely due to a shortened 2007 season for family reasons.)
  • Warren Moon only beat 4,000 yards twice in the CFL (both were over 5,000). In 17 NFL seasons, he had just 4 seasons >4,000.
  • In 9 CFL seasons, Ricky Ray has gone over 4,000 yards 6 times (I'm giving him 2011 because he's 21 yards away with two games left), but never more than 3 times in a row.
  • In 23 seasons, Damon Allen only had 5 seasons above 4,000, and never more than two in a row.
  • Dave Dickenson had just two seasons above 4,000.
  • Matt Dunigan only did it 3 times in 16 seasons.
  • Doug Flutie had 6 seasons above 4,000 yards in the CFL (in fact these were all above 5,000 - and twice he surpassed 6,000). But the streak was interrupted by injury in 1995. He never exceeded 4,000 in the NFL (or USFL).
  • Tom Clements: 3 times in 13 CFL seasons.
  • Dieter Brock: 3 times in 11 CFL seasons.
  • Tracy Ham: 3 times in 13 seasons.
  • Kevin Glenn: Twice in 11 seasons (both >5,000 yards); may reach it again in 2011 but needs 358 yards in his last two games.
  • Ron Lancaster: Accumulated over 50,000 yards passing, but never surpassed 4,000 in a single season.

Since 2002 (i.e. as far back as the CFL website shows season stats), the number of QBs over 4,000 yards in a given season has been 3 (twice), 4 (5 times), or 5 (twice). In other words, with 8 starting QBs, there is a 50% chance that any of them will exceed 4,000 in a given year. Mathematically speaking, the odds of an individual QB doing it two years in a row are 25%; 3 years 12.5%; etc. The odds of doing in eight years in a row - assuming a QB even plays that long - are 0.4%! (Which is why only one guy has done it.)

This season 99% of the QB-related accolades are going to Calvillo, and deservedly so. But I thought I'd post a reminder of a record held by our boy Danny that may well live on for years to come.

Danny really deserved his hall of fame recognition. He had a real hall of fame career.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

We were lucky to have him here in the latter part of his career.

Thanks for that excellent analysis of this amazing achievement by Danny Mac. I had no idea of this. It really puts him in a special category. Well deserved, too.

That's great!! Fingers crossed that old red eyes doesn't get his starting job back lol.

I never had any particular dislike for Hank, but that could change in a heartbeat if he becomes the next Kerry Joseph. (From MOP to the Ultimate Abyss.)

Fabulous work on the research and stats! Thanks for posting this.