McManus on TV

Is it just me or does anyone else think Danny McManus is in way over his head as a TV color man. I know he's new and learning his trade but he has to learn to think before he speaks. Don't get me wrong....I loved Danny as a player but as a color man he really sucks.

Let's give him a chance. He is getting better game by game and is starting to deliver his comments more consisely instead of stumbling. Although he could work on finding something interesting to say. Perhaps more stats, or something interesting in the past about some of the players in the game, ect. This all takes research and preparation...rather than just winging it on the fly. 8)

You're right about that Invader. There is no time to think before you speak when you are on the spot - you MUST have something to say that is relevant and you have to say it on cue. That takes research and preparation and the the self confidence you get from talking to a lot of people, hanging around forums, reading everything you can get your hands on, and writing about football as much as possible to help organize your thoughts.

I'm sure that with practice he'll get better at it.

Danny Mac is horrible as a colour guy.
He is way over his head and really gives no insight on the action before or after.
For my money even though he can be a motor mouth, Suitor is very knowlegeable.

I dont think McManus has been that bad-- a lot of guys are nervous in front of a camera or with a mic in front of them. He needs time and he will be better. In just 3 weeks he is already better than Walby.. :lol:

Ray Charles is dead, and blind, and he could do a better job that Walby.

Which guy is Walby?

Big fellow, does the CBC telecasts. Apparently alot of folks don't care for him, I don't get their beef.

D-Mac isn't bad for a new guy, but for me the best colour team is Cuthbert and Suitor, with Dunigan and co. at halftime.

I think I know who he is. I've only seen a couple CBC games lately though.

Those last guys you mentioned seem to be OK. I find Dunigan to be a bit marble-mouthed sometimes but he seems to have cogent opinions.

I agree McManus has been a disappointment. Part of it is that his voice is not a broadcaster's voice and part of it is he is slow to offer insights or excitement. Suitor is the best and injects excitement because he gets excited about plays and exudes that enthusiasm on the air through to the viewers. Danny, on the other hand is bland and boring. Like an earlier poster said - I too liked Danny Mc as a player alot ,but as a broadcaster I would give him an 'F' at this point!! Very disappointing as is Khari Jones.

And Mully remember: " A bore is a man who deprives you of soltitude without providing you with company."

Another classic from turkey;

"Suitor is the best and injects excitement"

He does if you're cheering for the guys in green,
if you're on the other side, Suitor is bad, and creates frustration and anger.

If it werent for the two second delay on local
radio, I'd never listen to him.

I agree the jury is still out on Danny Mc. However, they have to give him some help, Rod Black is just terrible, he doesn't know football and it shows...

D Mac should have a couple wobbly pops before the
game, then he’d be fine.

I think given time, he’ll be ok.

You guys are way too quick to judge. Suitor stunk almost as bad as Walby when he started, but unlike Walby he got better. There are still some things Suitor does that bug me, like his misleading statements ("The ground can't cause a fumble"; come on, Suitor, of course it can!)

Danny Mac will get better. He was one of the most intelligent players in the league, he's eloquent with a great sense of humour. It's just going to take time for him to relax enough for that to come out.

Maybe if they teamed him up with someone other than Rod Black. I agree with Mikejth that Black knows nothing about the CFL or Canadian football; but what bugs me more is his obsession with Toronto. During Friday's game I counted eight instances where, without any reason to do so, he started talking about the Argonauts. Let Black do the Blue Jay games where he can kiss Toronto butt all he wants, but find someone else to cover the CFL.

But my favourite colour guy of all time: Ron Lancaster.

Ronnie was good- knowledgeable and enthusiastic and not afraid to question the league or the refereeing.
Bring back the Little General!!!

Wobbly pops-good one Eskylo. lol-- that might actually help him become more comfortable and articulate!!
Wobbly pops- made my day!!

I dont know about articulate.....but its bound
to loosen him up.


I assume you mean Suitor. If so, I agree and have even tried to live with the 2 second radio delay rather than listen to him. Yes, Suitor is very knowledgeable, but he never tones down a notch. It gets to be a bit much.

As for Walby, I think he is okay. I like the job Khari does on the panel and Danny Mac was also good on the panel. As a color guy he has a tougher job and I think he is improving each game. Where is Darren Flutie?