McManus not so bad!

McManus did as well as Maas is doing so far, and the Cats are spending a heck of a lot more money on Maas.... BRING BACK D MAC!

And he's been with the offence for two regular season games... give Maas some time.

ANyone who would say "Bring back DMAC" obviously wants him for charity use.
While I'll never dispute Danny's carreer stat's / performance the last 4 years have been sad to watch someone who doesn't know when to step aside.


Of coarse this coming from an Argo fan who'd no doubt love to see the Mac attack back.

Our O is way ahead of where we were last year at this time.

Our O is way ahead of where we were last year at this time.
No Way! same thing if not worse

No Way! same thing if not worse
Last year at his time we had no offensive t.d's.

What a MEATBALL! shaking head

I (you can trace this through several team forums) will ALWAYS support Danny McManus. He should have been allowed to call his own plays. He can start in this league (especially since Spergon Wynn and Kevin Glenn can as well!) and he was good throughout most of his Hamilton tenure. Look it up...a lot of seasons went down the drain with injuries to him (2000 emphasized this so clearly). Last year he wasn't bad either. His only games recently that I admit were "not so good" were the Argo playoff game and the week after Labour Day last year.

While i will support Jason Maas to the bitter end,I know in my heart that if Danny had this kind of talent and the OC we have now ,it would of been magic .

Maas is a good QB and you fair weather fans will be back on the bandwagon sooner rather than later .Shame on you for bailing after 2 games !!!! But, this is Hamilton and unfortunetly sp ? we are stuck with that monicker . Why oh why would Maas want to play for the fans in this city ???

Give me a break. I don't recall McManus running (waddling) up the middle for substantial gains. Danny overstayed his usefulness to the Ticats by about 4 seasons.
His interception to touchdowns ratio clearly bare this out.
Maas is an excellant QB and with the right kind of coaching, will prove himself soon.
The key words here are: "with the right kind of coaching".

It's obvious Danny McManus overstayed his welcome in Hamilton, just like Edmonton's Ricky Ray is over-the-hill. :roll: I mean, Ray went seven games without a TD pass, and threw about the same number of interceptions as McManus. Ray had better receivers to work with.

Trivia: name all receivers from the 1-17 team that are still CFL regulars today. Another thing: compare Jason Maas' TD-Int rate so far this year. Makes you wonder if it was always Danny Mac's fault, especially since Maas is not throwing to some of the receivers McManus had to work with.

(The following paragraph is dripping with sarcasm.)

McManus CLEARLY was not good. I mean, what was it, TWO years ago that he passed for 5,000 yards and won the Rogers Fan Choice Award? But clearly he overstayed for four years. Last year, he was horrendous too. Look, he threw for 17 straight completions on Labour Day. Pathetic. That game, McManus was overshadowed by the pinpoint accuracy of the perfect Damon Allen. So what if he led Hamilton to a 40-14 win over the eventual Grey Cup champs. McManus could not play at all. He has had NO good games in the last 4 years obviously.

This thread should be changed to 'The Meatball Club'. What the hell are any of you wasting your time talking about WHAT'S HIS NAME?

In fact, just change the original author's username to 'Meatball'.

With a name like "ArgosStink", methinks the only "Meatball" on this thread is you.
When you start name calling, you stoop to a new low and I've noticed this is the one thing you're good at!

I think McManus could start over Joseph, Glenn, or Wynn, but the only factor preventing him from doing so is his age. Most teams would rather opt to go for a younger qb that they can groom.

:D :D :D

We are two games...TWO...into the Jason Maas era here. The need for a collective get a grip is pretty clear!

As for Danny Mac, he has ZERO to prove to anyone here as far as I am concerned. When all is said and done, he will be recognized in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame for a wonderful career. For all the abuse he had to take over the years here, you will have to speak up a little louder, since like Patrick Roy he has championship rings for earplugs... :wink:

Thank you for 1999 and your many contributions here!

Oski Wee Wee,

the only time Danny Mac looked good was when Darren made him look good. Take a look at what Danny accomplished without Darren. Absolutely nothing.

In 2004 he passed for over 5,000 yards, the second highest total in his career.

And this was on a crappy team with next to no financial resources and a team that was decimated due to not be able to sign players in their options.

uh huh, with 30 ints to 29 TDs and a below 80 efficiency rating. You can have him.

But how do you qualify that stat?

Are those numbers 100% because of the QB?

If not, how much is the receivers' fault, or the OC's (play calling) fault?

If the team's defence is weak, doesn't that necessitate excessive risk taking on offense? Especially if you're usually trying to mount desperate comebacks. You're left with very little choice in the matter.

There are so many factors, that to lay blame on any one player, whether it's Danny or not, is just not fair IMO.

It's always a team dynamic.

(And BTW, the same goes for the good stat of 5,000+ passing yards or any other good stat.)

and yet, if his stats were more like, 45 TDs, 9 ints, and 111 rating, you would have been real quick to use that in his favor...right... :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: