McManus: Keep Kerry Joseph

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An interesting commentary by Danny McManus. I kind of agree that Joseph is the best option the Argos have right now. The two back-ups they have... eh.

They can have one of our backups. Joseph isn't the problem in Toronto. They could have Doug Flutie from 1997 and that still wouldn't save them.

I think we'll have one of your backups in the first Lion-Argo transaction that people will be upset about. I totally agree though KJ wasn't the problem in TO last season. (coaching, management, and below average wideouts)

i agree about keeping KJ.
this is what i was saying in the 'esks/argos deal' thread.

Put the Doug Flutie of 1997 on last year's team and they would have been right in the thick of things. Flutie made everyone better that he played with. Flutie called his own plays while he was with the Argos, so Bart might have curtailed him somewhat, but I don't think so. Flutie was just too good at adlibbing. The KJ of 08 and 09 just isn't able to cut it anymore.
The legs are gone and that was his main weapon.

Unfortunately Flutie of 97 isn't available. Keep KJ.

Totally agree.
Keep KJ.
Argo's were a gong show in 2009. With some coaching consistency on O, and a commitment to #4 as starting QB, KJ has a solid 4 years left in his tank.

Then nothing changes. Get rid of him and start new. That is the only way to get better.

His legs are gone because Toronto cut them off...

I say keep KJ as the starter, and sign a young talent, and keep him on the sideline for a season or two so he can learn the game. Then slowly have him replace KJ as the starter.

I say keep KJ as the starter, and sign a young talent, and keep him on the sideline for a season or two so he can learn the game. Then slowly have him replace KJ as the starter
Are you like me The Chief Lord in just advocating this position so that Toronto will continue to stink to high heaven for two more seasons at minimum?

Otherwise prudently there just has to be a better guy than Joseph c'mon, but if Toronto fans really want to keep him don't argue with me keep his sorry game all the same!

Who should the argos replace him with? :cowboy:

tell me of another available QB with significant CFL experience?
tell me of another available QB who is a former Grey Cup champion, MOP who the argos can get for $300K?

i awate your response.

I'd like to see what Kerry Joseph can do in Toronto with an offense that is actually tailored to his strengths. Why successive coaches have tried to turn him into a pocket passer is beyond comprehension.

Paolo, I'd actually like to see Toronto succeed. I think Joseph is their best option right now. Like drummer pointed out, who do the Argos have to replace him? No one. The back-ups they dragged out last season didn't look that spectacular, and with another season of inexperienced receivers (they just traded their last veteran WR), tossing in a rookie QB isn't the way to go.

Do you have inside information on a trade or did you mean Joseph?

heh I was just watching Assault on Precinct 13, and one of the characters is named Bishop. :oops: Fixed it.

KJ's in the top 3 fit QB's in the league, plays like he's 30.Same arm, same wheels and still brings game.

The only thing diff. from 2007 is "the system". The Riders took credit for his success, and TO blames for him it's struggles.

Not enough credit has been given to KJ himself.

Joseph was not the problem in Toronto, The Problem was the Moron head coach , knowledgable Canadian Football fan,s know this. IMO what the Argonauts should do is sign Brannigan, Faulds and Glavic, Let them develop and compete to be Joseph,s Heir!

i agree with the post above! bring in Brannigan, Faulds and Glavic and groom the best man into the cornerstone of the argos future.

i also agree with a previous post, throwing a rookie or young QB into the mess that is the argos would do more permanent damage to that QB than good.

Okay stay the course then in Toronto with Joseph if you are convinced there is no one out there at all better even if not considered yet. No complaints here then as a fan of the Eskimos. :smiley:

But why not investigate trading up? Definitely I am new to the CFL game but know enough of the play of the various starting quarterbacks to not be closed to convinced on Joseph as near a quality quarterback, but aren't for example BC quite stacked at quarterback now? I read that Buck Pierce is big injury question for example, but what about Jackson or Printers? I don't see how all three who desire and are capable to be CFL starters will stay there, or must they all stay for some other reason I am unaware as new to the league? And what about any of the backups on other teams who otherwise have solid starters? :?

If I had answers on whom exactly, I would not be here posting, so I just open up the conversation refusing to accept "well there is no else I can think of better now whom we can get" as a satisfactory rationale for a quarterback as sorry as Joseph, unless of course you are sold on Joseph for whatever reason otherwise of course in which I'll just happily say "more power to you great!

And mutter aside as I step away GO ESKS. :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy:

What about the cap hit, though? Isn't Joseph making 300k or something like that?