McManus Debute !

:cowboy: Danny was looking good on his first appearnce with the Stamps. :thup:

??? he made like 3 passes...

But no interceptions!

Marcus should be the back-up in Calgary. He is more mobile, has more potential, and had one great game for the blue team a few years ago. He didn't succeed in Hamilton because our offence wasn't designed for him, Lancaster didn't like him, and a whole bunch of other reasons that don't make any sense either.

Ockham how many pics does Maas have this season after 4 games ??

Don't know, why?

He has 6 so Far …

And this has to do with McManus because... :?


Well, nothing really. I guess I'm just sick of reading the same ol' worn out whinning and complaining about this year's losing streak so I thought I'd drudge up last year's.