McMannus, Brady or Jones

by the time Danny Mac is healthy, Jones will be ready to play...i think we may have seen the last game Danny McManus will ever play

Forget About Jones, The Future Of The Team Is With Brady. Brady Isn't Good Now Because He Never Gets To Play. I'd Say If Your Halmiton Make One Of Two Decisions:

  1. Let Danny Mac Play Out The Rest Of This Season Knowing That It'll Be His Last, And Then In The Off Season Try To Get A QB That Will Be The Future Of The Team. Either Printers Or A Young nFL Reject Who Will Stay With The Ti-Cats For Between 4 And 8 Years And Really Improve His Skills, Or

  2. Give Brady The Start For The Rest Of This Season And Under The Tutiledge Of T-Mac And With Jones As His Backup Allow Him To Grow, And Assume That This Year The Ti-Cats Won't Will The Grey Cup And Allow Brady To Become A CFL Preformance QB.

I say you let Brady start until Jones is able to know the offensive system front to back then see what Jones can do. If he ends up blowing it you can always fall back on Brady.

After the Edmonton game, I think Brady deserves the next start. He came in totally cold, hadn't warmed up at, didn't even know where his helmet was, and hadn't had much practise all week given that they were trying to get Khari some rep time. Given all that, he did quite well....2 TD passes (CBC graphic during the game showed him with only 1...must be that pro-McManus bias again!) and whould have had a third if Yeast had given a little more effort on that last one.

I agree MadJack. Brady looked great given the circumstances. And Danny Mac didn’t look too bad either for a change. I was really impressed with the Ti-Cats overall last night. Kinda glad they lost though as I am a Gades fan.

Well...since I'm (almost) in the 40 y/o club I have to go with Danny Mac. Us geriatrics MUST stick together!!

"Youth is wasted on the wrong people" :lol: