McMannus, Brady or Jones

With the Ti-Cats signing Khari Jones they now have a choice. Keep starting Danny McMannus or bring up Khari Jones. There's also a possibility or playing Marcus Brady. I personally think Jones should start and Brady should back-up.

I voted to start D-Mac…and have the no talented Argo reject back him up. Then have the Bluebomber reject sit at the 3rd string. Obviously not going to happen though. It’s pretty bad when Winnipeg doesn’t want you…but wait…it’s even worse when Hamilton will take yah.

Two weeks ago, everyone on this site was saying Hamilton was stupid for not signing Jones. Now we sign him and everyone is taking pot-shots at Hamilton for signing a no talent QB like Jones?

Ive gotta go with Jones, Brady, and then Mcmanus on this one. Jones could be a potential weapon for our less then meagre offence (as of the first 4 games weve played.) As for Mcmanus hes been done since 3 years ago. Its not our recievers faults. They jsut know that they cant count on Mcmanus so there not counting on themselves. In football you gotta believe in yourself. If you dont got the self confidence then you got nothing. This worlds all about mind over matter. You believe in yourself and you can potentially do great things. And potentially I think Brady is a better QB then Mcmanus (as long as he holds onto the ball and doesnt fumble) Brady I dont think will ever start in the CFL again. But he can be a solid back up. And i think that Jones will learn the ti-cats offence jsut fine with Danny teaching him. Im sure the team will be eagre to get him out there for a couple of quarters anyways to see how he does otherwise they wouldnt of sighned him.

Danny Mac still has the quick strong arm, wasn’t his fault they didn’t win, ya his mobility isn’t the best…he never had any to start with. If you block for him and change his diaper every quarter…he’s your man untill he stumbles and breaks his hip…

i would criticize khari as much as anyone else but i honestly think he isnt done just yet and will do ok in hamilton, i dont think hes gonna put them in the playoff hunt but i feel he will be a definate improvemnt for them, i always thot marcus brady was gonna be sumthing special but nuthing yet i gues, i can still hope

I don't get how everyone is bashing McManus. The guy had a great year last year, and proved he can still play football. I wasn't on the forum last year, but I'm betting many people were singing his praises. And now they're off the bandwagon, just like that. From what I saw in the game vs BC, his receivers didn't give him much help. Khari can also be a good QB, no doubt. But keep in mind that a football team is made up of just that - a team.

Jones to start first and see what he can do. Brady to take over if Khari can't help. The final resort, back to D-Mac.

Hamilton's problem isn't the QB, but the receivers. Having two potential #1 QB may help both push it a bit more to the next level. But as long as loudmouth Brazzell and his friends won't catch the damn balls, Doug Flutie himself could come back and the Ticats would still fall short.

Anyways, Jones can't start this week because he knows nothing about the Cats' playbook. So I guess McManus has one last shot at keeping his starting job.

That comment assumes the ticats actually have a playbook …


Of couse they have a play book..every team member was giving a new pac of matches with all three plays on the inside...

which is a big improvement from the last 2 seasons

i dont think Hamilton's problems is all receivers...sure they drop alot, but seem like a good bunch...they are defintely going to work on catching drills, and they will be better in two weeks

Jones, Brady McManus....Maybe Danny can become the QB coach.

that actually doesn't sound like such a bad idea

I am not blaming Danny Mac for the lost. What is hurting him is his decisons in crutial times. He probably should not have made that long pass in the last minutes of the game. They had good ball control on that drive. Some patience would have helped.

Someone shoudl talk to the receivers. They have been dropping alot of balls. ALOT

What i do not understand, is Danny's favourite Receiver, is not even starting. Mike Moreale is Canadian and he and Danny Mac have a unike repore. He also had some awesome catches last year. Ben Cahoon type. A go to guy.

Ahh to be a coach....or a fly on the wall


I like Brady, he needs a few games in a row to REprove himself. (in Hamilton this time, he did so in TOR). Khari should start but I see Marshall putting Khari Backup to McManus.

you guys and gals who have never played football fail to realize that someone does not come in immediately and understand the offensive system in a week. McManus will continue to start -eventually Jones will get in after he begins to learn the system and get used to his teammates. Once JOnes is comfortable (a couple of weeks at the earliest) , look for McManus starting but Jones to be put in quickly if the offence does not score points. Danny McManus has provided plenty of thrills for CFL fans over the years. If this is his swan song- send him out gracefully because he deserves it!!!

Couldn’t agree more!

too much pressure on hamiltons quarterback from the that i saw how Brady should be Jones, Brady, ---McManus(injured) i say give the ball to Jones and let Brady be the backup...Jones played pretty good last year...moreover, the hamilton D should step up a little bit and give the quarterback the time he needs to find his recievers...As i said earlier...TOO much pressure...