McMahon to Montreal

looks like Argos trade Mike McMahon to the Allouettes


Does this mean the Argos are down to 2 QBs, Bish and Rocky? I know they got rid of Crouch, but did they sign another one when i wasn't looking?

Ian Butler

Are "Ian Butler" and "Rocky Butler" two different people all of a sudden?

good move by the argos to dump this egomaniac stiff

They have 2 and Prefontaine

Prefontaine can play the QB spot?


Wonder what pick the Als gave up...

Man they must be desparate, the guys brutal.

if the argos were smart they would try to get a Canadian RB like kerry carter and some depth LBs.

we have two quality Canadian RBs already, Jeff Johnson, and up and comer Andre Durie.

if they were so good, the argos would be using them, and owuldnt be desperate for robert edwards, or still keep avery on the roster.

Avery is only still on the roster because he was injured when the cut deadline came

I guess the Argos feel that McMahon can't come back to bite them down the road. I would like to see them keep Crouch as the third guy. However, maybe there is somebody available on their neg list they like. Marcus Vick? Shane Boyd?
I can't believe they will bring Damon back as slow and injury prone that he is now.

Crouch even though he was cut stayed in town and will be the third QB.

Yeah I guess old man Allen is our 3rd stringer. I would not be expecting much from Durie and Jeff Johnson is a great FB. Edwards is not what he used to be, but the Argos don't care about running the ball anyways and why should they as long as Bishop is healthy. Look at the # receivers we have. Better sign another QB i say, just in case.