McMahon Stadium

That’s fine with me. It still benefits the whole city.

The owner will not spend his own cash he wants tax dollars for the Flames and the Stamps… Not gonna happen any time soon

The only hope is that Alberta is looking at taking a run at the Commonwealth Games. If that were to happen, there’s a sliver of a chance to get some money towards a new stadium


Yes, but that would likely mean a track around the playing field. And that would be a hard pass for me over the current sightlines I have enjoyed on my road trips to Calgary.

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tracks around football fields suck! just ask the elk fans.

Unless the plan was to install the football turf after the Commonwealth Games (i.e., remove/cover the track).


They could design a stadium for the games with retractable stands that could be pulled out over the track.
I think they had to do that for the London Olympic stadium after the Olympics to Tottenham could play there.

But with the huge cost of the Commonwealth games I can’t see the games happening at all.
Who knows in a few years we could be out of the Commonwealth

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Track events would be at Commonwealth, so no track needed. They would use a new/renovated McMahon for other events like field hockey, etc.

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Yea,and we all know the CFL and tax payers have cash to burn

You can do things to mitigate the track. Some other venues that have played host to track events have removed the track post games use to preserve sight lines.

Also, there’s no rule stating that all stadium infrastructure built for the games need to have a track in it. Tim Hortons Field is a great example of this. Much,
much more was spent on that than the track and field stadium at York


Removing the track doesn’t get the stands any closer to the field.

THF was never built for the track events and it was partially funded by the city. The funding for the Pan Am Games would have only allowed an upgrade to IWS, probably a replacement for the south side stands.
York already had a Track and Field stadium so all it needed was temp stands that’s why much less funding needed there.
The Commonwealth Games are much bigger than Pan Am and involve more countries.

Yes it does move fans closer (but admittedly not for all seats). See Eithad stadium to see how this can be masterfully well done.
Tim Horton Field was supposed to host track events but they got moved to York over funding dispute. (As a side note much more than just temporary stands were needed at York. They built an entire new stadium, and playing surfaces there too).

Regardless, without the Pan Am Games, the Ticats are still playing in a dump and losing millions in the process.
You don’t need the games to fund all of a new or renovated stadium. The point is you can leverage the games to bring other (usually public) entities to the table.
Just like in Hamilton, Vancouver benefitted in the exact same way; obtaining sport infrastructure at a fraction of the cost if they would have undertaken the project by themselves.
The exact same can happen for Calgary. (And Edmonton if they choose to go that route).


Good points but it still looks like it’s never going to happen.
No Commonwealth Games, no Olympic games, just an upgrade every few years to McMahon.

Edmonton would have solved these issues and problems long ago.

Only because Edmonton got a stadium for the Commonwealth games in 1978. It was good for football for many years but these days fans need to be closer to the action

The ironic thing is that the newer stadiums seem to have seating farther from the sidelines in order to accommodate soccer. The seating at McMahon might be closer to the sideline than any other CFL stadium.

That is only because it was built in the stone age…nobody thought of the need for a multipurpose facility… Nor tv broadcasting needs or other needs for other venues besides just 8 football games a year… Teams had a water boy, two coaches and two apple boxes to hold all they needed on the sidelines… no thought was put into needed space back then.

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Sure it does, if where the track was is now the Football field.

And yet they play soccer there, and can broadcast it on tv…quite often they even run a horse up and down the side at full velocity…

I dunno about the claim of the first row of seats being the nearest to the sidelines…might be correct, if I had access to google earth right now I’d do a comparison with other stadiums…