@ McMahon stadium - Rocky Mountain Rivalry

The Rocky Mountain Rivalry is back for the West Final at McMahon stadium. Going to be another fun semi final game on Championship Sunday!

We had to refill our chips 12 times (counted) 2 runs to the store.

We are getting ready for our main entree coming up approx mid 2nd qtr. More people are here now as the neghbors had to attend a hockey game today. They rescheduled it as ppl were complaining about scheduling the game on GREY CUP SUNDAY.

Should be a fun game. Battle of 2 premier qb's in Mitchell and Jennings. McMahon stadium looks great and fans are pumped as you saw on the pre-game show with the tailgating.

Can not believe it and I am so excited. Grey Cup week begins less than 48 hrs away.

I wonder which Western team would be better for the TV ratings. I'm guess BC.

Calgary would have much bigger support in person and on TV for viewership.

The number of BC fans that show up are pretty small in comparison

... and the western game turns out to be one sided ... boring actually! Zzzzzz!
The REAL conference game was played earlier in Ottawa!

As a Stamp fan I would disagree with the Zzzzzz opinion. Sometimes it's just refreshing and relaxing watching your team hammer another and it never gets old, and watching BLM pick apart the Lions was anything but boring.

However, if neither team was my team then yes I could see the Zzzzzz factor.

True, if you were a Stamps fan it would be good, but I know many people that just tuned out after the third quarter.
There is a good chance that the Grey Cup could be a sequel.

Fun times in our house with my Stamps fan wife who is now going to the big game. The result in both games that I wanted. Can't wait until Thursday, let the fun begin.