McMahon Stadium getting it new field Turf!

Today they start picking up the old turf. The New Turf will be installed in time for the first game. Or maybe for Fanfest!

Congrats. Just Taylor Field Left.** Not sure when thats happening. I think its in the cards, just not sure when.

*** other then obvioulsy commenwealth

Good news Red. The players love it as its easier on the body.

Hey Billy, maybe Shivers will hit the jackpot in Vegas and you guys will get it next! :wink:

w00t new stuff =P

this is a great playing surface. Greatly reduces both major injuries (blown knees) and minor injuries (turf toe and turf burn), looks great, and is durable in any weather....

No, No, Please don’t say it’s from Frank Clair Stadium! :lol:

I heard that the city of Ottawa was installing new turf at Frank Clair Stadium this spring. Seriously, I read that somewhere.

Maybe the over 50 flag football beer league wanted it. They probably have more clout with the city than any owner of the Gades had or ever will have because there's no rowdy raucous fans to disturb the fine folk sleeping in the Glebe.