McMahon frustrated at lack of play

McMahon feeling left out in the cold

What do you guys think?

He had a great pre-season, but then a terrible game in the regular season, and he pretty much wasn't given a second chance...

if he he frustrated about his playing time then maybe he should have played better when he got those 2 starts

I think, "Who cares"?
Chances are he'll be cut soon and then we won't ever hear about him again....

Wow... no sympathy for him I guess... :lol:

Don't let the door hit you Mike on the way out.

Even when he came in as a back up he was not effective. Oh well good luck Mike McMahon.

Exactly argotom, he had his chance, and blew it. I full expect to see that he has been released once Crouch comes off the disabled list.

yup, McMahons CFL career will soon fade to black

Who does he think he is, Jeff George, :lol:


Is it just me, or does Mike McMahon come across as a bigger pantload than the Gliebermanns and Horn Chen combined? :roll:

Like Kelly Clarkson once sang, "You had your chance, you blew it.." Maybe we'll see him on a roster next season... in AF2.

"For a while, no one would even really talk to me," McMahon said, pausing. "I guess I don't know what to really think. I just come to work every day."
Not for much longer, Mike...what a crybaby! He also went to the media just before Bishop got injured and said he wanted to start and he didn't come to Canada to be the backup. Then the next game he got his wish and looked more like Sally Rand than the naked bootleg. I have yet to see a more inept QBing performance. Mike Quinn looked better in Wpg last season!

Then he started his second game and it was the same "deer in the headlights" time. Mercifully he was pulled and was demoted to 3rd string.

He should consider himself lucky Pinball didn't want to talk to him, because it probably wouldn't be good news.

Pinball's remarks questioning his going to the media sounded about as angry as Pinball gets. If McMahon wanted a bus ticket out of town, he has made all the right moves. Now he can fight with the other 700 NFL cutdown players this weekend for an NFL roster spot.

With Crouch coming off the injured list, he has been a Eagle Scout in comparison and seems to offer the Argos a better upside compared to McMahon.

Dude, Nealon could outperform Mike McMahon, and THAT's saying something. :lol:

I don't think McMahon's bad, he just doesn't know his way around the CFL game yet. He shoulda been riding the bench and going in at garbage time to build his comfort and confidence on the CFL field. Instead, he got shoved in before he was ready, and now could be soured on the whole thing.

I don't think he deserved the criticism he got... didn't deserve the start either, but people really jumped on him.

We'll see if he can turn it around... or will even get a chance to...

I sort of agree with dmont. He was thrown into the game with little preparation outside of the pre-season. We can all agree that the CFL is significantly different from the NFL, so it only makes sense that he'd struggle early on. And considering he didn't even get a second chance in his second start...

He's probably not the best QB, but I also think maybe Toronto botched the QB situation... starting Allen, and then starting Bishop and throwing Allen to the very back... and then throwing McMahon to the wolves... I don't know.

I personally don't care if he never plays another game in Canada, I was just curious how everyone else felt. :lol:

IMO, TOR doesn't need this guy. Allen should (read: BETTER) be retiring after this last injury, and Crouch can be the No. 3, since he deserves a shot when he's healthy. In the meantime, Bishop starts, and Rocky Butler is more than capable to be the backup behind Bishop. CFL teams don't need some guy who complains to the media about his situation, regardless of whether it was his fault or not that he fell on his face.


New to the board from Detroit where I saw McMahon play.  You guys are mostly right, except for one thing. I thought Mike was a good fit for the CFL because of the wider field, and the fact that quarterbacks scramble and throw on the run.

 Funny thing is, the game that I watched, he was striclty a dropback passer, which is not what he does best.  Passing on the run and scrambling are his strengths.  Still, you are all right, he has to play better.  Would he be making a big salary?  What I love about the CFL is no matter if you are an ex-NFL or america college guy, that is no guarantee you will dominate.

 Its a different game, style, strategies and I love it.

Tom in Detroit

You are right Tom welcome to the cfl forum

It is because of statements like this that he gets no sympathy:

I don't know. I'm new to the whole thing. [b]I keep my mouth shut[/b], and I just work hard every day."
Here he is in a media report doing anything but keeping his mouth shut, and it isn't like it is the first time this year he has let his mouth get the better of him. If he really did just shut up and accept he has a lot to learn before he can play, maybe fans would have a better response to him. But the "I keep my mouth shut" comment is tantamount to a lie.. Even Pinball sounded like he had had enough... And it's pretty tough to tick off Pinball...

McMahon came in expecting to be a starter. He didn't make it as a starter after training camp, and didn't make it as a started when he got his chance. I agree with Sambo, that he will likely be released.