McMahon done in Toronto???

Did anyone else notice that the Argos all rallied behind Rocky Butler and ignored McMahon. He seemed to be pouting on the sidelines even when the argos made good plays. The lad may be talented but does not a leader that teammates want to run through brick wall for, appear to be.!!

He will not be the only former NFL QB that don't make it to the CFL.

He never got a chance though. They let Rocky Butler stay in for 4 interceptions yet they pull McMahon after 1 and a whopping 2 pass attempts.

At least Butler completed one pass, in fact he had several to include 2 TD's.
Pinball apperently has not given up on McMahon and said he would keep him around so that he can learn the game. A long term project.
If it was me, I would have cut him at half time. He is brutal.

Someone has to go pick up the ball in practice after Prefontaine kicks it.

The major difference is that Butler actually got a chance, he wasn't pulled after his first mistake, or his second. Pinball let him stay in there and try to work through things and he ended up having an alright game I suppose.

McMahon got all of two pass attempts and was pulled, Pinball didn't let him settle down and try to work through it.

You forgot about the week before in Calgary he played one half of the game and looked equally brutal. That is why he was on a short leash the last game.