McMahon - Breaking News!!

I figured the "breaking news" might get your attention.....

Okay, pal.....since (I hazard the conservative guess) most of us are sick and tired of what could turn into potentially hundreds of "breaking news" threads, I propose you use this single thread to dedicate to your "you heard it here first" inside scoops.....knock yourself out!

Predcition. This thread won't last long. Not that you're wrong in your assessments of his posts.

I think he just needs to stay with his day job

Posting new stuff in an old thread is stupid. The last thing I want to do is filter through page after page in one thread to find the start of the new sub topic.

why not click on last page and work back.

some sites have an icon that takes you directly to lastnew post in a thread

What if there has been 4 pages of comments since the last topic? Then I have to click back 4 pages and scan over each thread to find the start.

The only way this would work is if it was made a sticky and McMahon was the only one allowed to post in it.

I do believe that what jm had in mind was to put the trash in one place rather than pollute the entire forum!

the question is, why would you even want to read it anyhow??

I find him entertaining. It's like reading one of Red's "articles" except it's not supposed to be funny. I think.

I Biggest Problem With This Guy Is That He Never Reads Any Of The Reasponses To His Posts Otherwise He'd Know That None Of Us Beleave A Word Posted By Him Anyways. So I Dought That He Reads Any Post By Any One Else Anyways, He Probibly Just Comes On Once Per Day And Makes One New Topic Then Logs Off Beleaving That We All Tune In Waiting To Hear His Lastest Storey.

Why not put a sticky for his "Breaking News"? It would add another sticky which is not good but it might clean up dozen's of threads. Or, one of the mods could break some news over his head to slow him up. Just an idea.

I would bet Turkeybend is McMahon, He has posted much similar articles! :lol:

McMahon, if you don’t do what jm02 says, then at least do three words, O F F T O P I C F O R U M

I agree..I does sound Turkeybendish

he is merely kk trying to be turkey. if you think about it. kk has posted a continuous string of posts and stopped just prior to mcmahon posting a continuous string which ended at 9:04 on the 21st. kk remarkably started up again with a continuous string of posts at 9:40 on the 21st and mcmahon has disappeared again. shocking... i think not.

and his twenty breaking news threads every day makes this site very annoying. a few stupid threads a day may be entertaining but when it becomes difficult to find thread that contain any real topics it makes me lose interest in the site altogether which is a shame because i do find it an enjoyable site.

Mac isn't KK, I can prove it, I've been on most of the time in the last few days.

and i hear mcmahon is at myspace now

Don't worry Kanga. You can't be mistaken for that guy.

Your weird takes on the CFL are rules changes you'd like to see implement in your self-admitted dreamed CFL.

He posts nonsense as if it was facts.

Beside, you're a light-hearted CFL fan, whereas he's a condescending prick in need of attention.

BTW, without kidding, did you really buy Grey Cup tickets?


are you going? if not, I'm still intending to go to Montreal 2008.

But.....and I don't think that McMoron is does KK's being on myspace "prove" they're not the same person??