McMahon a starter?

We need a quarterback would your pick be McMahon?

its a possibiltity he has good skills seemingly for the cfl but he has proven nothing yet so i would still go with the experience of allen(if hes around) or if they could get printers that would be better

Are we talking here of the same McMahon who used to post nonsense here?


ahaha no lol but mcmahon may not be the greatest starter but he could make a great rotation man

hell no, are the argos this desperate that they are thinking of signing a guy who couldnt even the crack the lineup of the sad sack detroit lions, the argos are a circus, whos next tony mandarich? this is a joke franchise, maybe if they spent proper money on scouting and coaching they would have developed a quarterback by now, i looked at the argos roster on the internet and ive seen high school teams with larger coaching staffs, this organization is notoriously cheap, they only spend money on big names to fill the seats, and how did ricky williams turn out?


What the hell are you talking about? It's not desperate to have a look at someone 4 months before training camp. It's well known that the Argos QB position is up for grabs and with that brings some decent cash, so I'd expect many QB's giving the Argos a look.

Develop a quarterback? Like who's example? The position has never been weaker. Even in the NFL, they are having trouble "grooming" as you say. They look to many CFL stars recently to fill there voids. Brett Favre, Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia are all Qb's well past there prime and were all starter's recently in the NFL.

You think, their website is the source for contacting staff? The Argos have all the major coaching positions. Even the lesser known personal Qb coach's, receivers, scouts, athletic trainers, etc, I assure you are all there. It's just not your business to know all of them.

You claim they are notoriously cheap, yet contradict in the same sentence that they spend big money on star players??? I can also ensure you, that the team although not proud of it, is over the salary cap every single year! The 1996-97 Argonauts are considered some of the greatest teams in league history, filled with stars. From Ismail, Dunigan, Flutie, Williams, etc, the Argonauts are notoriously uncheap, which has been part of there downfall in years, spending too much.

The current ownership and football operations is one of the best in team history. They really are the class of this city. So please know the facts before you try to insult the oldest, most storied, sports franchise in North America.

there it is , they only have 5 coaches, there is no QBs coach, when was the last time the argos hired a QBs coach, name some QBs that the argos have actually spent time, money ,and actually developed, the guys you mention dunigan and flutie were not developed by the argos, they were bought as free agents. Also Brett Favre never played in the cfl, so lay down the pipe. If the ownership is good, how come they dont have the funds to build their own stadium and still play at rogers centre, how come they havent spent money to even build their own practice facility and still use the u of t campus.

Um, never said Favre played in the CFL, just said hes a QB past his prime proving its hard to simply groom a QB today, even in the great NFL. I also never said Dunigan or Flutie were developed by Argos, They are just prime examples of star and big money players to prove your cheapness point wrong. Please read correctly, OK.

As for money questions. Ownership's responsibility is to maximize profit and reduce expenditures. So why build a practice facility when you have a suitable one already which you hardly pay anything for? Thats a waste of money, which can be used elsewhere. Also, they have recieved a great deal to stay at Rogers centre, including cheap rent and a cut in the concessions. The Argos have been in the Dome for over 16 years, I don't see how it can't be viewed as their "home". Remember the CFL operates under a tight budget including only 4 million in player salaries. This isn't an cash overflowing TV revenue league where you have billionaire owners who can just spend, spend, spend.

As for the coaches, did you read my last post at all? I don't know how I could be any clearer: "Argos have all the major coaching positions. Even the lesser known personal Qb coach's, receivers, scouts, athletic trainers, etc, I assure you are all there. It's just not your business to know all of them."

As I do not watch the NFL, can someone please tell me the book on this new guy McMahon.
Does he have a good arm, mobile, can he read defense, happy feet and why was he cut from a bad team?

why wouldnt it be my business? what kind of stupid excuse is that, how come every other team displays those positons except for this team? put the crackpipe down and come back when your sober.

truwarrier your posts would be a lot better received if you'd leave out the gratuitous cheapshots that add nothing to the conversation. You should have stopped that one and omitted the last sentence. You make what might be a valid point (other teams display those positions except for this team) but it gets lost when you add on unnecessary and uncalled for personal attacks.