McLeod Bethel-Thompson signing in the USFL

McLeod Bethel-Thompson moving to USFL after winning Grey Cup with Toronto Argonauts | TSN

Will be suiting up for the New Orleans Breakers.

Curious to see the team's plan B with some much needed depth at QB needed with most of last year's winner in place


Maybe this is why the Ticats have been holding onto Dane Evans: they don't want him to go the Argos for free.

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Big loss for the CFL.

Sounds like he has already been talking to NFL teams.

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Agree it's a significant loss for both the league and the Argos.

I guess I now have vested interest in a USFL team now

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Expensive retention. Can’t see the Cats keeping his 400k salary just to keep him off Toronto’s roster

I don't think they'll hold onto him for the season, but now they have more leverage in negotiating with the Argos or other teams for his rights.

I believe Chad Kelly will be the starter. The only problem is if he has a good year, he will move on

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I mentioned on another thread, this kinda caught me off guard, I thought he was retiring, Argos are going to miss this guy.

Maybe the Argos can get creative and get another team involved in a three way type of trade. I wonder how happy Jones in Edmonton really is with his starting QB, or Calgary as well. I would love to see Toronto get Tre Ford in here to go with Kelly. He could become a star the Argos need to sell tickets. Hamilton will not want to deal with Toronto a player that could come back highly motivated to upset the applecart and their Grey Cup plans. But sending Evans out to Alberta in a trade would be an option. Then Edmonton or maybe Calgary even could trade a QB to the Argos to compete or backup Chad Kelley.

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He's gotta break Flutie's records first. Lol