McLeod Bethel-Thompson on Argos' offence: 'we're going to be as dangerous as our defence is''

TORONTO —  Once the celebration of a fifth straight win at home and a playoff birth wore off, McLeod Bethel-Thompson was left thinking what more could have been done.

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Unbelievably poorly coached 4th quarter by Dinwiddie! Taking a knee twice with well over a minute and the other team has all there time outs. Brutal. If I was the GM there would be a meeting Monday on one. The quality of football in this game left much to be desired and the late stage coaching antics took the cake. The Argo players must be loosing faith in there coach with garbage like that. Wow!


Nothing like barely beating a bad team and then blowing about how good you are. Bethel-Thompson needs to rethink a few things, not the least of which is taking knees with way too much time left on the clock.


I couldn't believe it when they started taking knees. Almost like they forgot what league they're playing in.

The only danger the Argo defence poses is to the Argos themselves.

Macbeth can be comical as well as tragical. It was a sloppy game and he had many problems connecting and orchestrating anything. He can't say the team will be dangerous when luck was their only saving grace.

The Toronto Argonauts won a very exciting Week 13 game at home versus the Lions. The game featured 6 lead changes and a tie. The game went into overtime, due to a missed 37 yard field goal by the Lions. My hometown Argos clinched a playoff spot and remain undefeated at BMO in this crazy 2021 season.

P.S. You know the old saying-You got to be good to be lucky, and lucky to be good. :question: That sums up the best game of the Week 13 card. :star_struck:

What we saw on Saturday was no better than a high school level performance by either team. Bad enough the Lions couldn't kick a field goal to save their lives but the Argos Pop-Warner level clock management with 45 seconds left is an embarrassment to the entire league!

In fairness to McLoud, he didn't call the play... the coaching staff did.

I've come to realize this guy plays better when he's in danger of losing his job to another QB... trade away his competition and this is what happens.