McKnight ?

He was 58.5% in his career on FG's at Montana. Do they see something?

ok, i read the wrong website or something. McKnight was 64.4% on Fg's in his career at Montana. 77% in his final year. 38.8 yard punting average. Is it worth a first round pick?

We look down the road, plus field goal percentage is not a perfect science, If a guy kicks from short distances like they often do in the CIS, their stats will show better. Mcknight is an awesome pick, the only thing people will discuss is whould he have been available at 15 ?

Look at the draft thread for info on Mcknight

40 yard average but they used a lot of pooch kicks and it was his first year punting and he puts the ball anywhere he wants on the field . he's got legs like tree trunks , he will get better.

Also Montreal has traded with BC to get Sean Whyte... So we have a kicker

Then why spend the first round pick on him, if he would be available later? well hindsight is 20/20, we'll see....

I like the pick, the kid is tough as nails and can you imagine the run threat ? He runs a 4.5.... Trust our guys....

Sean Whyte traded to the Als as per his Twitter and Arash Madani. No mention of what the Als gave up.

Great news, but then why draft McKnight?

Have to give HfxTC props for bringing up McKnights name in the first place, unless hes really Jim Popp or Jo-Jo Savard!

Welcome to the board Dennis. We are few here but a great bunch...

Is JoJo still alive… not Popp but I got a good read on the man… :slight_smile:

Whyte is a good young place kicker and dont be surprised if DeAngelis is released or maybe we let Whyte do both… Its about time there is competion at the kicking position.

Thanks. Not trying to bash anyone or the pick, just wondering. I’m sure the Al’s know what they are doing.

And you're not alone dennis. . . I'm sure many of us here are a bit puzzled by the pick, especially given all the pre-draft talk of Milo and O'Neill.

HfxTC: You are a real gentelman welcoming Dennis to this site. I am very pleased that we certainlly now have a kicker/ punter. McNight was a suprise, unknown to myself, but getting Whyte also was a coup. This team always comes up with good suprises.

I appreciate the welcome.

I was concerned about drafting McKnight so high, given his redshirt status, but the Whyte trade makes the draft pick make sense. As Hfx said, it's about time we had some competition at the kicker position. Think about the last two Grey Cups, and how bad kicking had such dramatic impact on the game. We absolutely need more reliability at that spot, and if we can get a Canadian to do punting, placekicking, and kickoffs, all the better.

What did we give up for Whyte?

Its great to have new board members… Our guys, Jim , Marcel, Joey, Mike , UZ are the very finest in the CFL. No need to worry about our roster. Now we’ll have to wait to see what we gave up for Whyte. Selecting Barrette another great pick btw I have a feeling we gave up one of our young Olinesman :frowning: but you have to give something to get something.

Looks lke we get Phillip Blake the #1 rated pick ! If he ever becomes a CFL’er that will be a steal !

I know this kid personally. Kyle Dougherty from Southern Illinois. He had a workout yesterday with the Al’s in Florida and did well. We were keeping our fingers crossed for him. But it looks like with the moves the Al’s made, they aren’t looking in his direction.

If Kyle is an import , he can't be drafted, our league is a two tier league... so it means nothing if he's an import, he could still be invited at camp.