The reason he didn't get bigger numbers is that he go only limited playing time . Whenever he was in for us , he was pressuring the QB . BC had the sack lead by a good margin and Makay-Loescher was a part of that. He rotated in for other D-linemen .You guys got a good signing , wish we could have kept him and Wally B wanted him back too except NM-L wanted to go back east to be near his family. If he was good enough for us , he's good enough for the Ticats.

If Ticats don't want him we'll take him back and then when your team is getting whupped by us you'd say that maybe NM-L is not that bad after all.

This is going to sound bias because I grew up with Nautyn. He backed up Mr. Everything Brent Johnson, and a guy who has just been signed by an NFL franchise (Chris Wilson). He had five sacks and four that were recorded as Forced Fumbles. So if you add that up it puts him at around nine. For his playng time at Alabama, they rotated the line and if you lok back at the guys he rotated with thier all in the league. Moorehead(Car) King(Arz) Johnson(Bal) Odom(Tenn) Bryant(Det) K.Smith(NO) and Andesron(Chi). So quit hating on yhe guy, hes as humble as they come. for a boy from Toronto. Hit me up

Cripes you've got some real winners posting here - always nice to hear from the Madden Football / Friday Night Lights crowd though. :roll:

He's also awesome at running the 'Statue of Liberty' play

....ask Bomber fans :slight_smile:

We should go after Rahim Abdullah from Calgary.

6'6'' 270lbs. He had 9 sacks last year and his totals are only going up every year.

Then next year if his brother hits F/A sign him as a LB

this guy better tear it up this season, he better not be a bust. he better not turn out like maas.

"We would absolutely love to have him, as would anybody,'' said Tillman. "McKay-Loescher may be the best free agent on the market: A young, Canadian defensive lineman who can run.''

[url=] ... &nid=15162[/url]

this guy is getting too much hype, who cares if he went to alabama, who cares if he wants to move back closer to his home in toronto, if this guy doesnt turn out to be a lights out defender and take this team somewhere, he will be a bust and waste of free agent money. basically this guy better be like montford, considering all the hype this message board is giving him.

I challenge you to show me anywhere on this board where he has been hyped to be "a lights out defender and take this team somewhere"or"like montford"

No one has hyped this guy. All I've read is how some like his upside. Nothing more. Where's this hype thing coming from?

Gee truwarier, good thing you're not the GM. There wouldn't be a team if you were in charge...

Thank goodness we have people running the team whow know football, and not whine and make outrageous comments whenever their personal poster-boy doesn't get signed.

i have a right to complain, based on how this team has played since 2001, i got a right to be fired up, and it aint like craig smith or mike mccarthy are the best thing since sliced bread, and marcel hasnt really had a signature signing yet, they have signed a bunch of has-beens and nobody's , this team even got ripped off in the goss trade, if goss wanted to leave, marcel should have tried to get a player like jason tucker, stephen jyles, or even get troy davis back.

he is a good signing.He will help are team.We need a starting Canadian on are D line.The ones we got now aren't good enough to start in the CFL.But it is the Ticat Bass who are making him the signing of the decade!!!

I’d like to say that I too consider the signing of Nautyn McKay-Loescher a good one. Any non-import who has the kind of numbers he had despite not being a starter certainly is a good one. I’m not sure if you can say he was the best player in the free agent pool, as Scott Mitchell said. The team did seem more interested in bringing in Ryan Thelwell, but considering the ages of both players, this signing could be the better one in the long run.

When you look at the players the Ticats have recently brought in, it looks like we are looking to build the team through players who are not starters, but perhaps should be. It could be argued that Butler, Alston, now McKay-Loescher could be good enough to start at their respective postions in the CFL, but have not yet been able to so. And considering these players were all backups, their salaries cannot be very high. Will this trend of bringing in these kinds of players continue?

Anyway, with McKay-Loescher and Jermaine Reid coming in, we apear to have sone some good non-import talent in the front four. McKay-Loescher, who I suppose I could refer to by his nickname (the “Chief”) from here (as it requires fewer keystrokes) might be good enough to make the release of Cheatwood make more sense. As I thought Ken Peters would say… hail to the Chief!

...which also means that we'll have some extra $$ to throw around and go after some KEY American talent. :thup:

Marcel has been doing a fairly solid job from what I've seen :thup: from a building perspective. Too bad he can't do that to some of the fan base too! :twisted:

....just 1 year I would like to see the fans actually be a little more open to new bodies, new perspectives.....but realality and history states that it's not going to least from a % of the fans.
(They can now quote the standard " I'm entitled to my opinion" comment!!! :roll: )


Nautyn is a sack machine when given the opportunity. When he starts this year you are going to see how much other teams focus solely on him. He is a pass rushing specialist, both at Alabama and at BC. With him on the Ticats I just have to say Hamilton just got a bunch of new fans, and a few more season ticket holders...

hmmm im not sure it might just be playing with the great d-line in BC....i aint saying anything but dont be surpised if he doesnt meet your excpetaions

if the guy was so good buono would have been desperate to keep him, i dont buy that excuse that he wanted ot be closer to his family, thats just a cop out meaning they dont want him back, that owner braley has a lot of money and he wouldnt think twice to re-sign his own guys.

Like Carl Kidd? BTW, Buono has been around long enough not to be "desperate" over one player. It's a team game...

buono is a smart man, and the guy doesnt get enough credit, to be a general manager& head coach is a lot of work, but he still manages to get job doe and is always able to find talent, if buonno decides not to re-sign someone, you have to wonder that possibly the player is on the decline, just look at printers, what has casey done the past 12 months?

just look at printers, what has casey done the past 12 months?
Dude...what does that have to do with anything? He sat on the Chiefs practice roster making more than he would have up here. By his own choice.

If he wasnt a money grubbing primadonna, he would be somewhere in the CFL...