...soon to be a Ti-Cat???

Rumoured to be for around $90K

So says the Zone .... they seem to have a lot of "radio scoops" :thup:

Hi Espo


What's the story with this guy? Is he a DE or DT? Were his 5 sacks last year good ones or garbage ones? Is he leaving BC just because he's homesick, or because they don't want him?

Can play both .... DE and DT

Has had some injury concerns ... is leaving BC for "geographic reasons"

Was a stud at Alabama

could definitely start here

Hi RITCH!!! one more week bud!

LOL .... just imagine if Printers does return??

I could post .... "Turd sleeps with Casey" .... and get toasted for the season!


oh stop flirting you two, lol jk, id rather see Abdullah come in to tell u the truth, only reason we r looking so far into this guy is because he is canadian wiche brings his value up

nothing to say we wont get both (although i think abdullah is overrated)

i have a feeling we r gunna get a bunch of nobody's who have nothing but "potential"
maby 1 big name signing but that it, marcel seems to like to follow the rules a little to close.

We signed big name free agents last year didn’t work out too well did it. I give you the NY Rangers and Washington Redskins as team who sign names.

i give you the New York Yankees as a team who continually bought championships.

You're comparing the Yankee's franchise to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats? Really? You mean the team that hasn't won a world series since 2000. Yet their payroll is always over 200 mil? Wow what Rx did the doctor give you??? Oh yeah hasn't worked out too well for them lately has it? I rest my case!!! The only way that's comparable would be if we signed Brian Urlacher, Peyton Manning, LT, Terrell Owens.

i have a feeling we r gunna get a bunch of nobody's who have nothing but "potential"
Thats how pretty much how everyone in this league starts out.

whos comparing the cats to the yankees, i'm just saying buying a team through Free agency CAN work. and as for you being off your meds, i sympathize, but don't really care, its no excuse for for not thinking.
The Yankees may not have won a championship since 2000 However look at the last seven teams to win it. and look at their payrolls. you won't find very many with payrolls in the bottom half of the league spending.

(one last thing... remember mcmanus and flutie? think we grew them ourselves, nope, our last two GC visits were brought to you courtesy of FREE AGENCY.)

Times are a changing and baseball doesn't have a salary cap therefore the "big market" teams have the liberty to spend whatever they like. With the CFL's new salary management system you have to make sure you're under the cap. therefore depth at every position is more important then signing stars. That's why you see deals like the ones we've made throwing in the rights to Bret Meyer and Timmy Chang. You have to have depth in case your starter goes down the guy who takes his place better be just as good.

clearly farming your own talent is important (just ask montreal) but free agency is a valuable tool, it not only strengthen's your own team, but weakens the other, and keeps them off other teams also competing for those FAs.

It's not the only way to build a team, but it is a way to start up a core, or add a few finishing touches.

Congrats … Nautyn

We got him!

i dont see why hes so special.. his stats stink if u ask me... even in college ball he only started 18 games... abd 9 sacks in 3 years.. kinda poop, wats so special about him.. cuz hes canadian?? so is clinton wayne.. i dont get it why so much hype over this guy

What hype?

We signed a free agent and it was reported. Where's the hype?

Good move by Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins in acquiring non-import free agent Nautyn McKay-Loescher. He had five quarterback sacks as a backup defensive end with the B.C. Lions last year. He has good size for a CFL defensive end (6-2, 260 lbs) and good speed (his NFL Pro Day time was 4.76 for the 40 yard run). If he stays healthy and starts all eighteen games this year, it is reasonable to expect him to create good pressure off the edge for the Ticats and to get about ten quarterback sacks during the 2007 season.