McKay-Loescher, the "situational pass-rusher" signs with BC

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By saying "a fresh pass rusher is a good pass rusher," McKay is implying that he was a situational rusher, rather than the every-down rusher Hamilton management once payed him to be and believed him to be.

Nautyn, isn't the real reason why you are suddenly now a "situational rusher" because you stink?

Just wondering.....what was he making with the Cats? I see he's signed on to BC for 240K for 3 years.

Looks like he's now making "situational money" as well.

NML's real problem was injury, not a lack of talent.

Why are you taking cheap shots at a guy that gave this team his all?

He was making about $125,000 per season in Hamilton.

What he said. The guy gave us what he had. He was making starter money and can no longer perform in that role. I wish him the best. The cheap shot artists on this site are getting so tiresome. I guess we just have to consider the source....

You guys both make very good and valid points but football is a bottom line biz. When a guy makes 125k a year to rush the passer and only gets 2 sacks all year you have to draw the line. Stats really matter to GM's and Obie is just doing his job. He got better stats his first time round with BC as a backup. He wasn't a full time starter in 08 but he was never a backup. If he was too hurt to produce he wouldn't have been cleared to play. Only guys that make 45-50k get to produce only 2 sacks.

I'm not criticizing his being removed from the team. What I'm saying is that it's not like he came here with the idea that he was only going to give us two sacks. He gave this team all he had in the tank and that's all anyone can ask from him.

Blame Desjardins for signing him to that huge contract in the first place instead of acting like he's some sort of talentless lowlife who was in some way harmful to this team.

Does soemone always have to be blamed?

Facts are the Ti-Cats' defence was atrocious, especailly the pass rush and NML was struggling with back problems.

It just didn't work out. Good luck to NML. Whatever happens, I hope he is healthy.

His first year in the Hammer (07) he showed an amazing amount of promise. He showed a lot of explosion and aggression in the pre-season but hurt his back between then and the first regular season game. He did produce 11 sacks in 07 though which is pretty respectable.

I remember listening to the 07 pre-season game in the Peg and Zamperin talking about how Val St. Germain couldn’t even handle NML at all. He was forced to hold him a few times because of his explosion off the snap. I had such hope for him in the Hammer! Its sad when I think about it because I thought he was going to be the next Montford. If he wasn’t hurt for a few games in 07 I bet he could have gotten 18+ sacks.

I wish him all the best in BC round 2.

I honestly was excited when we signed him 2 years ago.

But during his first season, I wasn’t a fan. He did have 11 sacks but he just wasn’t that good. He played well but he wasn’t amazing as so many people on this site say. He was okay to good.

Last year was a mess. If you are hurt, then you shouldn’t be playing. If you are on the field, then you should be playing well.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I have seen this by watching back games. The reason why we were actually successful in the last 8 games of the 07 season on defense is because we started Roger Dunbrack in the middle and he was fighting off double and triple teams. I think we would have been better last year if we had Dunbrack.

Look, NML has 2 moves, a spin inside and fall down and a spin to the outside and fall down.

Good bye, good luck, cya soon.

Not shocking he caught on with somebody!