McKay #9?

a dlineman wearing 9 on there jersey? thats a first i think..

ya it is even allowed ?

it is? and does any1 know how long he signed for??

I might be wrong, but doesn't Stewart on the Al's wear #9..doesn't he play on the d-line?

yes he does

mario williams at nc state was #9 and anwar stewart for the als

yeah the CFL has more liberal numbering rules

As far as I know, it's only the o-lineman and eligble recievers have thave to wear certian numbers. All other are up for grabs.
I could be wrong.

does any1 have any video on mckay? id like to see how he is on the feild, ive heard hes quick but id liket osee, anyy highlights from college or last year on the net at all?

I love that he is wearing #9! What we need now is a LB to wear #1. Yeah I no Shaw wears it but it would be cool!

Anwar Stewart wears #9 and a couple years back David Benefield wore #7 for the Roughriders.

I beleive only O-Lineman have to wear certain numbers. I think 50-69. Could be wrong though

last time we signed a free agent to a nice contract and he wore #9 he was injured all year and then was cut in the offseason.

josh ranek anyone?

just thought i would throw this out there, although i hope this guy is productive for us.

he will be, wicked!

Dexter Manly wore #1 for the Rough Riders during his ill-fated, post-Oprah, time in Ottawa! I know! I know! I misspelled Manley but Dexter would never notice!
And, I saw our new guy make some awesome plays in a college OT game against Auburn. He made a beautiful, clutch sack that put Auburn out of FG range… that’s huge in college 'cuz their OT system is the same as ours!

I love a good dexter manley referance! Now if BC would only bring back Mark Gastineau. I think I spelled that correctly, hey dexter does Mark's last name look right to you?

I'd say his best high light play last year was vs the Bombers when he rush around the backside of the Bomber QB and instead of sacking him he simply took the ball out of his hands . Then proceeded to run it back for the TD. Look at that game .

Having said that , though NL-M was good when ever he played for us , he was still a back-up who rotated into the line mostly for Chris Wilson . In BC we wanted to see him start but he never did , so it's hard to really gauge how good he would be as a starter.

I thought it was no longer apropos to reference Dexter's challenges with illiteracy in the wake of his brain surgery. See this thread for instance:

[url=] ... ht=phonics[/url]

Perhaps the statute of limitations has run its course?

LMAO. I remember about a year ago after Manley had brain surgery I was roasted - and I mean roasted - in this very forum for asking if he was still "hooked on phonics".

You made my day in4td!