Mcintyre injured ?

Nobody was talking about this . That is why TSN sucks especially Rod Black .

I mean if I noticed it shouldn't they ?

I was lucky to hear this at halftime on CHML.

I noticed that Flyod was playing DE in the second half.

And what about Johnson? I didn't see much of him in the second half, was he actually in the game?


I was wondering the same thing. In the second half we had Floyd at DE, Auggie back in at LB, and I also noticed Adams was gone. It looks like Marshall re-jigged the D and I didn't hear any comments from the "so called" experts calling the game. Was some of this Marshall's adjustments to keep containment or were there injuries?

It's a recurring problem on broadcasts, not just Mr Black. . . a player goes out, and they often forget to mention who has come in to replace him. . . additionally, often in games a player replaces another player, they fail to notice it, fail to mention it, and fail to tell us why (if they know, which I suppose often they don't). It does get a little frustrating at times.

Black is the worst of all of the inept "analysts". That makes sense as to why Auggie was in there.

I can only say that if Mcintyre wouldn't have gotten hurt, Sask would never have scored those 10 points and we would have probably intercepted it for a TD and won that game. :lol: :wink:

On a serious note, I hope he's ok. That would NOT be good news for us.

I also noticed that McIntyre was out and Auggie was in at mlb. Floyd was at the DE and Adams was out at DT. I noticed him limping badly in the first half, trying to chase the QB down. This really weakened our D. I don't think that Floyd or Adams were ready to come back so soon. Having said that, it was the offence in the first half that was brutal. :cowboy:

Hearing that McIntyre has hammie strain. Week off shud fix it.

That's not the play by play guys job. It's the color commentator--Duane Ford. He is the one who should alert viewers to the changes on the field.


That's counter-intuitive to any football broadcasting I've ever heard or seen. Howard Cosell announcing the Jets have gone three-wide?? The play-by-play tees that up for the CC to fill in as to why, etc....

The flipside of this is that unlike in baseball, it's not the job of the play-by-play guy in football to wax lyrical on the subject of squat -- his job IS to alert folks (read the colour commentator) as to when guys are replaced, etc.

The colour commentator can then ramble about the Filipino psychic surgery technique used to shrink the hemorrhoid, etc. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,


I think it would be one of the spotter in the booths responsibility, or the sideline guy.

I agree,that skinny guy that interviews the coach at half time should say

Yes. The play-by-play announcer either conveys the nugget re replacements (from a head's up by the spotter) or turns it to the sideline reporter for an update. Usually we don't hear from the sideline unless there is something substantial re an update on a player's condition, etc.

This is the guy I was mad at for the TIGER CATS releasing in the first place now everyone is seeing the light all of a sudden??? Go figure???