McIntyre and Wake

Garrett McIntyre has potential to be Hamilton’s version of B.C.'s Cameron Wake. I know some of you will raise an eyebrow or two but if you have any video of Wake playing last year compare it with McIntyre’s play. They both have a non stop motor. They both have a never give up attitude. They both have great speed coming off the end. They persue down the line. Sure Wake was the sack master but and here’s the but... McIntyre has been about 1/10th of a second off a ton of sacks. I feel it’s just a matter of time before he starts racking up the sack numbers!

I agree, but the beauty of it is that the sacks that hes missing turn into the interception that our DBs do get. Pressuring the QB is just as good as a sack because punishment is still being dished out on the QB. Keeps him rattled, looking over his shoulder.

With McIntyre, like you pointed out, its his motor thats amazing, hes perfect for a Greg Marshall type Defense. What I'm also enjoying is that its not just one guy keeping pressure on opposing QBs, our entire DLine has a new attitude. Apparently McIntyre has that same energy in practice, and he gives guys fits, but its just the way he is all the time. So you know what you're gonna get every week. As long as we can stay relatively healthy, I predict we'll.... lets just say I like our chances.

And to think, he was released during Training Camp and then brought back;

HAM RELEASES IMP Garrett McIntyre (DE) Fresno State

I have to agree completely, earlier post....

8) The only reason he was released during training camp was because of an ankle injury.
   He was asked to hang around if he wanted to until the injury healed.

   The coaching staff obviously liked what they saw of him even back then  !!!

I would compare him more to Tom Canada the Ex-Ticat....for about a minute.
Both guys are about the same size, and have the same non-stop energy.

Cam Wake is a once in a lifetime off-the-charts athletic dude that could do it all.
Nice thought, but not even close IMO.

I would compare him to Roger Dunbrack. Even though Roger played DT, I see a lot of similarities.

They are both around the same size and they both have a motor that just doesn't stop. They both constantly get in the throwing lanes and distrupt the blocking on the oline.

To me, I don't really care about the "sacks" stat. I just want to see constnat pressure on the QB. This makes him throw the ball earlier which will lead to mistakes.

I would compare him to John Chick or Stevie Baggs not Wake

I love this guy McIntyre. From the first game I seen him play I knew we had a keeper. This guy will be a impact player for us for a long time. He's the prototypical CFL-DE. Just keep your eye on him every play and he won't let you down. :cowboy:

For the last few years all the conversation about the D-Line was negative. It sure is great to has some positive stuff to talk about.

McIntyre can get pressure on the QB but he's not Cam Wake, or Joe Montford, as was alluded to in another post. I think he'll continue to improve and could perhaps be a double digit sack guy (does he have one yet?), once he gets some help on the d-line.

Unfortunately, pass rushing is not something we do all that well. McIntyre can get pressure but he's not (yet) good enough to anchor the line. I think that's why he's coming so close, causing hurries, but not making a lot of sacks. If we had pressure coming from other angles as well, the qb wouldn't have as much room to move around and away from Garrett.

He's a good addition to the line though, very athletic, gets pressure, can stop the run and he never quits on a play. Hopefully, Adams will be back soon to help him out with pressure through the middle. I think we'll see him start to tally up some sacks then.

I think the lack of sacks has as much to do with the teams we have faced and the quick releases of the QBs we have faced. I predict more than a few sacks this Sunday and Mr. Mcintyre will have more than his fair share. :cowboy:

I don't think any D-lineman can be compared to Wake as of right now. Not even O'dell Willis.