McGill's Redmen get it in the butt again

After being poked on the bunghole by Dr. Broom, the McGill Redmen now got their asses kicked by the Federation du sport étudiant du Québec (the association regulating scholar sports in Quebec).

The Redmen have been sanctioned by the FSEQ for cancelling the last two games of the 2005 season, which had an obvious impact on other teams’. So now:

  • McGill must pay a 30 000$ fine.
  • The Redmen can’t get any of their home games on TV for the next two seasons.
  • For the time of its probation, McGill can’t get a home playoff game. Should they finish first or second, they will visit the 4th or 3rd place team.
  • If they make the playoffs in 2006 or 2007, they won’t get their share of money from broadcast rights.
  • And if they break just one tiny FSEQ rule in the next two seasons, they are officially banned of the CIS.

In its press release, the FSEQ however said that they congratulate McGill for making the students’ wellbeing a priority over continuing the last football season.

What do you say? Too harsh? Just ok? Not enough?

I think its crazy
McGill did the right thing and now they are being punished for it. Had this been because of the hazing I would think a bit differently but this is because they cancelled the last 2 games.

Why would any school now do anything to stop the hazing? They will just pay for it in the end

Too harsh..... I agree with 1313 on this one, for the exact same reasons.....

You guys are out of bounds! Bravo to McGill for standing up against hazing. But that's not why they were punished. They were punished for pulling out of the season and punishing a lot of people and teams who have nothing to do with McGill or their hazing. McGill took an internal problem and made a lot of external (to McGill) people pay for it! They deserve the sanctions. Further more, I am not sure that McGill would have cancelled their season if they hade made the playoffs... Selfish Mcgill!!!

sounds like they are trying to fold the team, way too much for 2 simple forfils.

I how they reconsiter their "punishment" and just go with the 30,000 fine, if that is necessity.

So what should McGill have done?
Slap the players on the wrist and said "bad football player, baaaaad"
Maybe the should have suspended the guilty players, but if they had done that they would not have been able to field a team because it was the entire team.

Do you think maybe the league could have warned them about consequences for cancelling the games? Tell them it was not a good Idea?
McGill did what they thought was best and will now pay for it.

Is this the CIS' version of the "Death Penalty"?

actually the uh lets call him the recipient of the so called broom admitted it never happened. The broom part anyways

its way to harsh..................their college players...........they are men not boys..........all of age..........punish them not the team and school..........their 18 to 24 yr olds surely to God they don't need constant supervision do they??????????

the CIS banning Mcgrill would be the stupidest move in football.

like if the NCAA banned Havard, or Yale, or any famous NCAA team for that matter.