McGill vs. Olympic Stadium

Is Olympic Stadium unavailable due to …?

I thought the Als always played their playoff games in Olympic Stadium?

Which would look better 22,000 at McGill or 22,000 at Olympic Stadium? Baby steps. Give it a couple more years with a competitive team in Montreal before thinking of the Big O again.

Montreal’s new contract with Olympic stadium that they signed in 2013 stated that they would play at least 1 game a season there and playoffs, that was short lived due to the renovation that will soon take place as well as the snow problem despite installing roof warming system, the Al’s will play and McGill for sure at least untill the renovation is complete, they would have more people show up if they did play because having so many more seats tickets were cheap as hell for there playoff games there, between 2008 and 2011 or 12 I think they average 45,000 up to 55,000 one time with edmonton I bealeve for a east final, but for right the best thing for that team to do is to stay at McGill untill they have a few sell outs and a game at olympic stadium would make sense

Lsmith ? ? ? ? ?

There are still 2,000 unsold tickets to the ESF
that is not including the 5,000 tarped off area of the Stadium. :frowning:

A minimum of 18K sold with 4 days before the event is still a step in the right direction. There was only 15K and change the last time they hosted a playoff game.

I don’t think using the Big O for a division semi was ever realistic.

Weather forecast : max 5, wind up to 40km/h and 70% risk of rain…
I’m still unsure to go. Put that game in OS and my tickets are bought a week ago.

I can’t remember where I read it, but the Als would have hosted the East Final at Olympic Stadium if they finished in first place. The plan was always to host at Molson Stadium if they finished in second place.


They did back when there was a demand for it.

Sadly those days are long gone.

I think they drew 35,000 or so for a Divisional Semi years ago. (and were disappointed with the turnout). :’(

Now they’ll do cartwheels if the game draws over 20,000 :’( :’(


Alouettes de Montréal


Y’all want to witness the craziness? Hurry! Only 2,000 tickets left for the Eastern Semi-Final on Sunday!

Looking at the Als site, they’re saying 1600 ‘additional’ tickets are available. It appears they’re selling the upper part of the upper bowl on the Als side, so taking some of the tarps off. Should be well over 20K.

Considering they got 15,107 when last hosted a playoff game in 2014, that’s a step forward IMO.

Great news.

I think there are several reasons why they wont play Playoff games at the Big O.
First of course is there was a need for it back then.
That need is no longer there.

2nd is the unsafe Roof currently.
Its dangerous with weather conditions in the winter. So they cant plan for a major event.

Thank Goodness for the FIFA Mens WC.
The city of Montreal got a bid to host 2026 games in North America. Canada. US. & Mexico.
But the terms were they needed to get the correct retractable safe roof. So the Govt. Finally are getting it installed.

Still a few years before it is going to be installed.
But once it is they will get a GC. back in Montreal. First in over a decade.

Now wat other upgrades will they make?
Such as locker rooms. Etc.

Getting closer to a sellout

i wonder if it would be worthwhile to put up a canopy at Molson

I hope they don’t buy it on alibaba.

Maybe they can get one cheaper on eBay. ;D