McElveen traded, Kelly released

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have completed a trade with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, landing import receiver Lyle Leong Jr. in exchange for import defensive lineman Jermaine McElveen.

Leong, a 6-1, 185-pound native of Abilene, Texas, signed with the Roughriders in January after spending time with the Dallas Cowboys in 2011.

In four seasons at Texas Tech, Leong caught 152 passes for 1,877 yards and 32 touchdowns – the second-most scores in school history and the fifth-highest total in Big 12 history. In 2010, Leong led the Red Raiders with 74 receptions, 926 receiving yards and 19 touchdowns.

The Ticats also announced that import receiver Aaron Kelly has been released.

Kelly caught 38 passes for 490 yards during his two seasons in Hamilton.

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Guess there's too much competition at receiver for Kelly, especially after this trade.

Kelly had great height but somewhat average route running and hands. Overall last year the Cat's receivers weren't overly spectacular except for Chris Williams. Stala was underused and Giguere didn't live up to the hype. Fantuz was decent but definitely not worth his hefty paycheck. Bakari Grant showed great potential but can also have the dropsies. With Chris Williams being questionable this year it's good that Austin is addressing any shortcomings at this position.

What Kelly lacked is speed. Still very useful but Austin is looking at overall team speed.
Stala wasn't underused and when he was used he often dropped it. His worst year here by far.
Fantuz, despite new OC, QB, team, home , concussion he still managed his career average.
Grant had one bad game at TOR, rest of the year he was fine.

Over the past two years Cats have finally got the necessary size at rec, as the trend league -wide dictates, but now they need an injection of quickness esp. with the loss of CW. And you can bet Austin consulted Burris on this.

I have a feeling ausitn and staff are trying to find a speedy receiver who can also return punts and kicks!!! i went to every game last year ,so i must be losing my mind.....I DONT REMEMBER MCELVEEN!!! lol.. i remember him from montreal..i just remember how much better we were once peguese and 99 the big dude, came aboard,late in the season.

An average lineman but you can get that younger and cheaper than what he brought to the table. A team has to strive to get better and not just settling for average.

Agreed, good trade and with many fans I agree that Kelly fell into the numbers game we have so many good receivers with the Cats even beyond Chris Williams, the new receiver in the trade with Sask could be the next Williams to step in, lets hope so?

Thank you to McElveen and Kelly for playing with the Tiger-Cats you both added your skills to the team and we wish you success McElveen with your team the Riders and Aaron Kelly with another team.

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats in 2013!!

Kelly’s release may have as much to do if not more with Austins Addition of his former star receiver at Ole Miss Shay Hoge as it does with the trade for the kid from Texas Tech.

Kelly also lacked toughness. He seemed to drop a few when looking to see if a hit was coming.

Stala was indeed underused. There were many discussions on here last year over why Cortez had a veteran like Stala on the bench for much of the time. Stala himself said in interviews and what not that he was not happy with his playing time and even spoke to Cortez about it.

Has anyone found what longs 40 yrd time is?? i cant find it anywhere on the he fast or simply a good "get open" receiver"..or both :slight_smile:

I just watched a highlight package on long from his college days...VERY VERY humble young man...certainly scored alot of td's.....looks like he could be a good one.

one thing that stuck out, was ,after a td, he would just hand the ball to the ref.!!!! gotta love that!

He’s only 6-1 or so, but he has great leaping ability. He’s a two-time state high jump champion, having cleared a personal-best 7-1.
Lyle Leong, WR, Texas Tech
Height: 6-0. Weight: 171.
Projected 40 Time: 4.55.
Combine 40 Time: DNP.
Pro Day 40 Time: DNP.
Benchx225: . Vertical: .
Projected Round (2011): 7-FA.

nope, I don't care how much he complained or said he was under used he defiantly wasn't. If you ranked Stala against our starters he would be near the bottom so he should be taking what he gets. Don't get me wrong I like Stala for what he is and I think he has a place on this team but he shouldn't be getting top numbers.

Stala was part of a nice six man receiving Unit that the Cats went with last year. With the bad record it is sometimes overlooked on how well the offense played especially the receivers as well as Burris
Being able to put a 3 Canadian Receiver set in or a 3 Import receiver set in maed them flexible with the Ratio.
Basically Williams and Fantuz were the only two for sure receivers you were gain to see on the field.
Bakari Grant and Onrea Jones who split time or were used as the 3rd import reciever in Combined for over 1,000 yards receiving . From the Canadian side the same can be said for Stalla and Giguere who also combined for over 1,000 yards receiving.
all fout of these receivers were hovering around the 500 Yrd mark give or take so their production could be misleading as not all four of them could be on the field at the same time unless there was an injury to either Fantuz or Williams who both started most of the games and Williams over 1,000 yardsa and fanzuz close to 1,000 but did miss on game at least.
I think Austin is smart enough to see this thats why you do not see any of those six being moved or released but there will be some guys who are behind them pushing for their time. A nice problem to have

I agree with Krisiun - Stala was underused early in the season last year. I remember watching Giguere missing catches and wondering where Stala was because it seemed to me that they were plays he might have made. Hope to see more of Stala on the field this season.

As for Kelly - I am not surprised that he was released. Lots of new talent coming in for competition. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure all of what you noted here was toughness. He may have lacked concentration from time to time. He did play sparingly so the timing can be off.

I saw him make some tackles and take and deliver some hits on special teams. I don’t think toughness was a problem for Aaron.

Sounds a lot like another player we've all seen - Chris Williams. Whenever he scored, he would just drop the ball on the ground. And the one time he hotdogged, he later apologized to everyone involved, including the opposing coach. Which really makes his tweet seem so out of character.

Why do you keep defending his tweet? It wasn't a DM it was a tweet he meant to send. As for the celebrations I really don't care if you celebrate, if you get in the end zone do what ever you want as long as it isn't flagged.

That I agree with the beginning of last season he was not underused but unused. That did change quickly however as he did begin to play a lot. Giguere played a lot of specials last year as well full time Kick off return as well as a lot of Coverage teams. He could run as well as block for Kick off returns where the Cats were second in the league and he was alos a great tackler on coverage teams. A little less on the specials could help his receiving possibily but being such a great athlete and years of special teams and scout teams practice in the NFL hard for Cortez to resist

Because I liked the way he played, I had a lot of respect for him as a person (from the little I saw of him in interviews, etc.), and I think everyone should be allowed to make a mistake once in a while without being torn apart. As I have said before, I am giving him the benefit of he doubt, as I can see how a mistake like this can happen. Kind of like clicking on Reply All instead Reply to an email, or selecting the wrong person from a contact list (did that myself just yesterday - fortunately was able to retract in time). And I really, really hope he decides to play at least one more season for us.

Or I could just stop commenting and leave the forum to the haters. No, sorry, can't do that.