McElveen in Alford out

It what may appear at first the riders bringing in another old player it is more replacing one DL vet with another.
Alford was sent home after training camp last year for being much overweight and when he got back into shape the Riders brought him back and he made a nice contribution as well as expereince to the DT spot after and NFL career and Super Bowl with the Giants.
I am not sure if it is the case but the Riders may have seen a chance to get a vet on the Dline and get rid of one in Alford who may have to continually battle or may have come to mini camp overweight again.

McIlveen has done good things in Montreal.

What bothers me is Tristan Jackson cut. Him and Dressler are the only 2 guys to return a kick worth a sod since Corey Holmes left town. Dominique Dorsey - dud, Sinorice Moss - meh, Eric Morris - COMPLETE DUD! They couldn't find ANY room for a game changer like T-Jax? at all?? Seriously?

First Patrick, now Jackson. We are the Roughriders. We do NOT want under any circumstances at all, ANY game changing playmakers.

Now I believe in sound fundamental football, meat and potatoes blocking and tackling, but you know, 1 or 2 playmakers would be nice?

I know guys like Rod Connop and Dan Bass were keys to Eskimos Grey Cups in the past but you know Gizmo sure helped out a bit too.

Perhaps the inside that the riders see a heathy Jock Sanders as taking that return role as well as no space on the roster for an avg DB with the likes of Andersonand brown cominging in to go with more than a few NFL free agents that the riders have been axquiring over the past tow season as much better cover guys than Jackson

I find this all rather surprising. I stated earlier that I was pretty jazzed about Leong...I think he has big potential. That said, this is an upgrade on the DL so is worth it.

Jackson was at times their best cover guy last season. When Brown and Anderson came in, I thought this might happen. As far as returners...the club has a few solid options.

All this said, Alford supposedly had a respectable contract, and Jackson was paid pretty well, and the move was made with Hawkins. They had to cut some cap because supposedly Chick is signing over the weekend....supposedly wither Hamilton or Saskatchewan...

I'm still not convinced picking up Chick is a brilliant move unless Etch comes back as well.

I am not understanding the getting rid of Alford.. McElveen is only 265lbs.. Thats a DE size... I like the acquisition of McElveen but it frustrates me that they are getting smaller in the middle of the D-line. To me it seemed we were fairly set at DT and rather weak at DE..
I assume there have been other issues with Alford, because I was impressed with his play especially as the season went on and I would like to think they wouldn't have let him go unless other circumstance permitted.

If John Chick comes back healthy I don't care who he plays under he will be good! I got to watch a few games with him in the NFL and he was still a solid DE there. Had he been able to stay healthy he would still be there likely as starter for Jacksonville. When he played he got to the QB.. The problem was he didn't play much.

Chick is solid no matter what...I just don't think he would shine as much under Hall's approach.

McElveen may be smaller for a DT, he has been a better producer. I think Alford played his role with the club admirably, and agree that there may have been more to this move as indicated by Steve.

Chick will be good in whichever role he excelled at in his rotation part of the Dline and a little more. CFL teams are starting to acquire a loth more potential Canadian DEs with the rotaion speciatly in mind so Chick will not have to play evry snap nor will Foley.
McKelven may be the swing guy inside and out and the Riders are among the top teams in bringing in a ton of NFL free agents who have exhausted NFL options of have passed their rookie contracts. there is just a ton of good football players out there that wan to continue there careers and the CFL is a really good option for them and they know that

If Chick comes back that's great, but not happy with T Jackson gone, the guy was solid on returns, but after last season, and seeing him sit, I wondered about his future here, someone in the coaching staff, does not like him for some reason, I hope this is not the start of of another Winnepeg Jets thanks to Taman. Be wary my fellow fans, time will tell!!

I know in the NFL some teams will put in a pass rush unit in on 3rd and long, I can us doing the same if it’s 2nd and 9 and you know Tate/Lulay/Burris etc is dropping back, get some lighter faster guys to rush the middle and get some outside pressure and possibly get them to throw up a pick to Anderson/Brown/Collins/Butler etc As for Jackson he always had some lingering injury, he was good at times but he was not shutdown corner and he was no Chris Williams at returns. The best we could get at the time? Yes. The best we could get now? Not anymore.

Chamblain did put in a second and long unit last year but as you mentioned did not have the same personal as he has acquired or could still acquire.
Foley and McElveen will certainly be apart of that of that d line Unit to pin there ears back and coma rushing. With Fley coming from the Canadian part of the rosters it allows them to get even deeper with the modern specialty and rotation players.
Sam Hurl was also part of that Unit last year coming in as Lobo would go out as Hurl worked his way from a special Units stud to a situational Defender by the end of the year.
There may not be any changes in ratio for number of starters but Canadian players are getting much better and are beginning to play a much bigger role on Defense with rotations

I really don’t think it has anything to do with liking him or not.
In February of last year Jackson signed a new contract, and reportedly got a respectable raise. Now, he was earning it…first kick return in how many seasons, and looked like he could break one at any time. he is a top end returner no doubt. However, his raise came more from the fact he was working as a DB as well, not from his returning abilities…and like I said, IMO he was often their best cover guy. Now that said, the DBs are going to be Eddie Russ and Anderson, and the CBs Woodney and Maze. Milt Collins still needs worked in there, as does Weldon Brown and Macho Harris. There is a pile of cheaper competition there out than Jackson. There are a few possibilities for returners. It is tough to justify Jackson’s money for returning alone. I believe this is 100% dollars and cents, because the Riders are going to be tight on Cap, especially if they do indeed sign Chick.

I read this after posting....figured it was a good share...

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

"Head coach Corey Cham-blin said "the business side" of the game led to Jackson's release. So did the fact that defensive backs signed by the club this off-season can play more than one position - unlike Jackson"

"Chamblin previously has said he doesn't want players handling more than one job - which may have played a role in Jackson losing his job as a starting cornerback last season - but that philosophy may be tested if someone like Dressler or Sanders is the leading candidate for the returner's job"

Now, remember that Jackson did actually lose his CB spot last season and was a backup for it. I always associated this to his hamstring he pulled that nagged him for a few weeks, but must admit the replacements brought in were more suited for that particular role.

As for Alford...
"But Chamblin suggested Alford had a hankering to return to the NFL, where he had stints with the New York Giants, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks from 2007 to 2011."

Alford was much over weight at TC and Chamblin sent him home. When he was in shape he did rteurn and play well whether this leads him back to a NFL job as a rotation ininterior Lineman he would have to find a team with the right fit for him.

Nobody mentioned Mick Williams. This guy, a rookie, played really well at DT.

He is young, paid less than Alford...............and played well.

I think what I am seeing is the defensive coaches are looking for mobility at the D-line, not 300 pound plug guys? D-lineman need to take gaps, that is the job.

BUT, 50% of the time during passing plays they need to be able to move while scrapping O-lineman. I think we're going to see a lot more stunting and stuff. A mobile D-line that might confuse O-lines into mistakes? And when we need the pluggers we still have Williams and Sholy.

I read between the lines that Alford is tipping north of 300 and agility comes into question.