McDuffie not on the depth chart vs BC

That is all... info?

He's on the one game injured list.

With Banks back from injury, there isn't room on the 46 for both him and McDuffie. And Banks knows more of the playbook, so can come in on the offence as well as on special teams. Once McDuffie gets more familiar with the playbook, we might see him take over Banks' spot - just as fast, bigger, possibly better moves and vision (those stop/starts in his punt return for the TD were pretty amazing). But not quite there yet.

And he's injured. Yeah. (Actually, he might be. You never know.)

Every CFL Team use the 1 Game List very Liberally

For sure. It’s the only way under the current rules to hang onto a player over the 46-man roster without risk of losing him. Counts against the cap, so it has to be done in moderation. (And then there’s the 6-game IL for hanging onto prospects, e.g. a fifth string QB.)

But as I said, he could actually be injured.

If he is not injured taking the ST player of the week off your roster might receive some questioning...dude was a BEAST