McDonalds and The TiCats should do a promo together...

Oh, it’s all in good fun. :wink:

mmmmmm can i order some with a side maas spaghetti arm salad, and a cup of fumble juice.

Ahhhh ONEMOREFORK, finally your back. The Jock Climie, The Hamulet, THE Printers trade, and now the Turnovers. Classic.

Welcome back Fork :smiley: Very cute. :lol:

Even McDonalds had enough of last nights game. :?

The Delta location closed up last night at 8pm.
For 4 months of renovation

:lol: :lol:

"I'm lovin' it"

Eakin tried to pass me the takeout bag in the drive-thru but it got intercepted.

Insert "munchies" joke here

the ticats should open a bakery they should specialize in turnovers

Maybe they can serve a burger on gamedays called The Fumble Burger served between the hours of 2-9.The times could change with each loss or win (LMAO).I cant remember the last time I said win....

wow, originality at its finest....

sure its an old joke, but really, twice in the same thread?

I dont see any repeats in this thread..........

It's like looking for Waldo. It's there.

The 18 oz. Jason Maas sirloin---no steak, just sizzle.

An Argo fan

How long before you get accused of being ONEMOREFORK and purposely trying to corrupt the website with your agendas and mindgames?


As the thief slowly walked away Bradley, Kornegay and Shaw all tied to tackle him but missed, then Eakin started to laugh....customers started to blame Lancaster...(okay I'm done.)