McDonald and Sejour released

Well the logjam at receiver and in the secondary is being reduced…I don’t either of these moves are all that surprising.

Sejour was an average player on a very bad team last year, so I was never sold on him, and the writing was on the wall for McDonald from Matthews’ comments.

In the secondary, it looks like Curry and Durden solid at HB (even though after last year I thought Curry should be a lock on the corner) and Malveaux is set at one corner (not sure how that’ll work out, but if if doesn’t Malveaux and Curry can always trade positions back again I suppose)…so all that needs to be resolved in the secondary is whether it’s Karikari, Proulx, or Dorvelus at safety and whether it’s Whitley or Crutchfield on the other corner; any thoughts?

Karikari and Crutchfield had a good outing last thursday, so I’d bet on them. Proulx is out of the race.

Sejour making the team was always a longshot, given the talent we have at the halfback spots. I’m sad to see McDonald go but injuries and lack of pro attitude were the main factors. I’m sure he’ll catch on elsewhere.

Malveaux remains a big question mark for me at cornerback. I simply don’t think he’s tall enough and fast enough to cover wide receivers without safety backup. But Matthews evidently has confidence in him. We’ll see.

My concern exactly. I rather liked Malveaux at HB and Curry on the corner, but we’ll see how this turns out. I understand that Curry won’t play Wednesday anyway so Whitley and Durden will be the HBs, with Crutchfield and Malveaux on the corners and Karikari at safety.

Should be good enough to beat Hamilton. If they insist on using McManus the secondary won’t be tested anyway, the pressure we put on QBs is such that with an immobile pylon like McManus he won’t have any time to throw anyway.