McDaniel cut?

It should be kept in mind that Marquay was only a 3 year vet of the CFL. His salary would not have been guaranteed until after the 14th regular season game. Releasing him prior to the 9th game had more to do with who we want to pay/play now and giving Marquay ample time to hook up with another team.

The SMS was not the culprit in this release.

I should have said that his medical benefits would have been guaranteed after game 14. There are no salary guarantees until you are a 4 year vet.

But remember, he dropped them at "at the wrong time", whatever that means. At least that's what others said when I quoted stats a couple of months ago showing that he wasn't any worse than Bruce or Mann at dropping balls. :roll:

Ok here's something I don't get. If McDaniel was so good how is it that Obie couldn't trade him? We at least got a draft pick for Bruce.

Never said he was as good as Bruce, just that his drop percentage was pretty much the same as Bruce's and Mann's.

I'm still not sure I would have cut him over Grant, but I can understand the team's desire to go with a bit of height. And I think this might be telling us that Mann is about ready to come back.

It wasn't a secret that we had a logjam at the receiver position and that we were looking to dump McDaniel. So no team that would want him would bother to give up anything to trade for him when they could just wait for us to release him.

Mann will be back soon according to what Drew says here: ... -quar.html

Another player who looks certain to suit up is receiver Maurice Mann, who took reps with both the starting offensive unit and the scout team as he tries to get himself back into game shape.

“He's working on his endurance and he's getting his timing down with the quarterbacks,? Bellefeuille said.

To make room for Mann, the team officially announced the release of veteran receiver Marquay McDaniel, who played in 44 games over three seasons with the Cats but only one this season.

So McDaniel may have been released earlier if it weren't for the injury to Mann.

Our coaching staff may seem to like height in the receiving corps (with Williams being an exception to the rule) and McDaniel isn't the biggest, and he's not the fastest. And receivers who aren't that big and fast need to be able to catch what gets thrown to them, and McDaniel hasn't been able to do that consistently enough lately.

His salary was also a factor apparently. Here is a quote from Bellefeuille from that same blog post from Drew:

“Marquay did a great job for us and we really like him but with Maurice getting healthy, we were one too many,? Bellefeuille said, adding that the salary cap was also a factor. “He'll catch on somewhere and be productive wherever he goes.?
I also think another team will give him a chance. Maybe he'll go to Edmonton as I'm not sure when their injured receivers will be back, and they seem to like ex-Cats there. And if Rodriguez was good enough for them...

And Francis seemed to have been cut because of the Hyland signing. Both players who were cut can be considered "better is better" victims and understandably so. Good luck to both players in the future.

If he is any good he will land somewhere else. I believe even though he gave his best, it wasnt good enough for the team to improve. Big fast receivers are the way to go.

I'm sure Obie tried to make a deal for him but couldn't find a dealer. That may explain why Marquay hasn't landed with another team as yet.

I'm quite sure another team will pick him up. And after hanging onto his roster spot here by his fingernails for a while, being "injured" or a healthy scratch, he may be relieved to actually get a chance to play again.

With so many injuries in Edmonton, you'd have to think they'll want an experienced CFL receiver.

From the Calgary Herald:

It’s looking like the Calgary Stampeders will be adding some depth and experience at the import receiver position. The Stamps are expected to announce in the next few days that Marquay McDaniel, who was released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Thursday, has joined their practice roster. McDaniel, 27, was in his third season with the Ticats, and was coming off a solid 201 campaign in which he made 76 catches for 994 yards while scoring seven touchdowns. But he never got on track this year; he was hurt in training camp, and when the Ticats’ young receivers developed quickly, McDaniel became a spare part, and ended up dressing in just one game, making four catches for 60 yards.

I'm surprised Edmonton didn't grab him with all their injuries. He would have made an immediate impact there, like what Bruce is doing in BC.

The Stamps have added McDaniel to their practice roster:

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Best of luck to him in Calgary!

I was really hoping it would be Edmonton, but I still wish him the best of luck.

He is still young and I imagine being released combined with a change of scenery is all he needs to motivate those hands and feet.

Arash Madani just posted on his twitter feed that McDaniel has come to terms on a contract with the Stamps (McDaniel pasted?).

Good Luck Marquay -- 'til we meet again -- in just three weeks:

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