McDaniel cut?

According to Arash Madani Marquay has been released and so has Daniel Francis.

Arash Madani: In addition to McDaniel, have learned the #Ticats also cut former #Riders DB Daniel Francis.Body type not a fit in Hamilton's secondary #CFL

That really sucks. I know I'm going to hear it for this, but I don't care. I always liked McDaniel. He was a hard worker and took a lot of knocks to make plays for us. I choose to focus on that and I would like to thank him for his contribution to the team. I hope he lands somewhere else.

I also wish Francis all the best and thank him for some enjoyable moments as well.

While I realize cuts are necessary, I hate to see guys out of a job when they have played their best for us.

Couldn't have said any it better. Good luck to both players. I suspect that at least one of them will get picked up when injuries start to mount up across the league.

He Drop way too passes and with our Young WR's Starting to come into there own He was Expendable

With Frances they want look some NFL Cuts plus he was hurt way too much
Can't make the club in the Tub

8) After several months of trying to trade McDaniel, with no success, they simply cut him now, thereby not having to
   pay him for the rest of this season.

   Being a veteran, he would have been entitled to his whole yearly contract after the 9th game of the year, which would
    have been Monday's game !!!

    Mo Mann will simply replace him now on the roster.

    More money saved for a guy that was not even being used this year !!   It's a cut throat business, this pro football !!

Have to feel with the money we have saved over the course of the year with big contracts like Bruce's and the money saved from McDaniel and Francis, a big name or two could be on the way for the final stretch. Obie has put the team in a good position to pick these players up. Teams will start to dump some veteran salaries and there will probably be some good players in there.

8) You're right "moscamania". Also some pick ups from the final NFL cuts this weekend !! :thup:

players have to be cut before they are placed on the practice roster. maybe this is what's happened

Sportsnet has announced it on their web site...

[url=] ... cats_cuts/[/url]

3 year veterans don't get put on practice rosters.

8) Some people just don't get what is going on, or understand the above posts, or contract rules in the CFL, "JerkFaceLoser"
 At least you do !!!   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I totally agree. McDaniel brings more to the team than Mann but he wasn't given a chance this year. I still think Shivers and Mann have pictures of Mayor Quimby. I can't think of another reason why they are still with the Cats. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who believes this team isn't good enough right now)

LOL you don't know how many times I have made that "pictures" comment about people this year.


Pat Lynch(the old guy) that's what you get for comin' up six yards short is it? :wink:

Good Luck Marquay :thup:

That what you get when keep dropping passes.

Yeah because McDaniel was definitely our biggest problem. :roll:

Sure McDaniel dropped a few passes here and there but most of the time he was over-extending himself or reaching for one of Glenn's inaccurate passes. Also who hasn't dropped a pass. I've seen even the best receivers like Geroy Simon drop the occasional pass. McDaniel is a solid receiver and he will get picked up Edmonton or some other team this year.

Finally something I can agree with. :lol:


McDaniel certainly didn't drop as many as Kamau "Incompleterson" did in a Ti-Cat uni, and he went on to stardom in Edmonton.