McDaniel and Stala step up bigtime

McDaniel and Stala were catching anything near them today. Along with Bruce, these guys have been very reliable "go to" guys. I really feel that McDaniel has really been "a diamond in ruff" find for us this year. Dave Stala knows how to get to the open spot quickly and give his qb a open target. Along with that, these guys will catch the ball in traffic and are not intimidated. :cowboy: Now if we could just get P-rod back to go with Bruce, Stala and McDaniel we'd be raising the bar to another level. :cowboy:

It is great to see those to make hard catches in traffic, and catch nearly everything thrown to them. I think AB3 was being covered well, so it was good to see them get us the rec. yards.

In fact, you'll see it was almost all Stala and McDaniel, if you check the rec. yards numbers here:

Name No Yards Lg TD
STALA, D 9 126 22 0
MCDANIEL, M 7 75 19 0
BRUCE, A 3 27 15 1
COBB, D 2 5 5 0

And let's not forget about that good missed FG return by McDaniel.

Stala's likely to be Canadian of the week with that performance, great job :thup:

And he very well should be, great game.

I agree completely. Stala is a beast. Mr. Dependable. McDaniel is rapidly turning into a very reliable receiver. Well done, boys! Now, if we could get Bruce to shut his trap and start catching every ball, and get Prechae back on the rails, we would be awesome. Great team display today. Beat 'em in every facet of the game.

There's a reason Dave Stala's nickname is "sticky" he showed it today!!!!!

Good....because I'd hate to think what the other reason would be.


Turning into a very reliable receiver? I think he already is one.

In fact, in today's game thread, you'll see on page 11 of it that I said "Prechae who?" in a somewhat off-the-cuff remark, as you can see here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=49109&p=774201

McDaniel has shown all year that he has great hands. On kick returns the guy always retrieved the ball cleanly. He's really doing a heck of a job getting open. I don't know how much Arland Bruce's presence plays in McDaniels success but he is sure taking advantage of it. I think we sent a strong message to the Bombers. You cover Arland and we'll go to McDaniel and Stala, cover them and we'll burn you with Bruce or Cobb...
I like it... bet the Bombers don't. :smiley: