McCown talks Argos... and slags the Bills!


So here's a link to the Prime Time Sports episode:

[url=] ... 4131_11228[/url]

There are two significant segments:

From 36:59 to the end, Bob and his co-host weigh in on the Argos and how the Bills in Toronto series might affect them. The two hosts have very different ideas on the impact, so you'll get two sides of the story.

The second, and perhaps more fun, segment goes from 19:44 to 32:45 and is when Bob gets Bills in Toronto GM Adrian Montgomery on the air and ask him some VERY blunt questions. His answers are suitably vague and ridiculous ("We don't care if we lose money" is my favourite) to paint a picture of a very troubled enterprise. Plus, seeing as this is the first year of the contract, this is supposed to be their best year! when they're a novelty and everything's new and exciting!

Anyways, enjoy the clip!

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Why is it as a big fan of the NFL I couldn't care less about these games in Toronto and wouldn't pay a dime to see the NFL in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, but haven't had a problem going to Buffalo in the past to see games and would go again sometime to see a game in Buffalo?

When you find out the answer let me know because I feel the same.

Yeah, being a football fan in Canada seems to be a lot different than being one in the USA.

Not saying one is better than the other, but just different.

I am not even a Bills fan but I still love heading over the border to see their games on occasion. But in Toronto? I don't have any interest at all.

Dolphins vs. Bills; Live From ... Canada?

  • paul

Because it can not be the NFL experience.

The NFL culture is all about the tailgate and it's all you hear from people going to the game. I've never heard anyone go for game time. Everyone goes for the A.M., BBQ's it up, *maybe has a lot of beer:D, talks football, gets all dressed up and maybe has some more beer.

I know people that go just to tailgate. They do not have tickets, but gladly hand the $25 bucks over to get the tailgate experience.

The atmosphere will not be the same either. Buffalo has a great vibe to it when you are in the Ralph. Hell, you almost stand the entire time...

The closest the CFL gets - that I have experienced - is the Labour Day Classic. Should the CFL embrace the notion of tailgating? Perhaps setting up areas - tents, bars... - right next to the venue is a route to go. But that'll mean $9 beers probably...

Tailgaiting is not exclusive to the NFL. I was at a CFL game which probably had the best and biggest tailgate party in the history of football, BC Lions vs the Sacremento Gold Miners. The tailgate party for their preseason game drew literally thousands and thousands of fans. All the parking lots were jam packed with row after row of bar-be-cues, pickup truck beds full of beer and ice, outdoor bandstand with S.F. rock shows, and $1.50 for an ice-cold mug of Mooshead draught filled right to the top of an 18-oz cup! It was truly amazing. The tailgate and the game (with over 20,000 screaming fans in Sacremento) was without doubt, the most fun I've ever had in any sporting event in my life.

I tell you, put up a 30,000-35,000 seat stadium in and around Hamilton, GTA, Toronto area where a combined one team Cats/Argos play out of where you can tailgait and that stadium would be packed all the time I bet. Of course you don’t advertise the tailgaiting since it is illegal in Ontario to do this, but I can see the potential big-time.

From The Star by a Buffalo writer:

Bills fans are taking consolation in the fact that most Canadians weren't willing to be played for suckers. You're already seeing through the arrogance of the NFL and wondering if you really want to be a player. Once you get in bed with that league, once you see it up close, you'll see the lines on its face and the hole in its heart and you'll decide the CFL isn't so bad.


You know what they say.
The grass is always greener.
Then when you get to the other side, you start noticing all the weeds.