Just heard it on my local Toronto Fan 590, Bob in his parting shot said how he has heard and indicates that we should not be surprised how tomorrow Eugene Melnyk may very well surface as new Gades owner.
My head is spinning so fast with all of these potential owners, that I can't keep up. I suppose it's better then the alternative.
Let's all hope at the end of tomorrow someone steps up. April 4, is of course, the drop dead date where the league is to make the critical decision.

not gonna happen…its gonna be that guy who used to be paul martins buddy.

Sounds like it DG. Unless of course, the two know each other and will pool their money, like our Argos two owners.
Melnyk does not need anyones help $ wise.

unless the city decided, last minute, to sell the stadium to melnyk OR broke off concessions deal with aramark, its not happening.